This topic is something almost every tutor wants expertise in. Most of the time teachers find their students lost in their own wonderland and they never share any issue of happy talk even with tutors. It is so because tutors also bound themselves in a boundary from where they cannot reach their students because they believe giving too much independence will make students forget their limits and they will not follow the disciplinary rules. School managements these days are also working hard to change the perception of tutors towards students and so that they are bringing changes in their working process by incorporating an admission management system and fees management system. Both of these two new processes make school management’s work smooth. Admission management system and fees management system both are important tools for the school management so that it can focus on teaching and learning process properly. Just like this, school management these days is making trials and designing new teaching concepts in order to decrease the distance between tutor and students. The way tutors reach their students helps them solve their issues related to their academics. By having good bonding with students’ teachers are also able to solve the issues of classroom management. Having strong relationships with tutors with students makes them perform well in their academics and in their social life too. Let’s understand the methods to make happy bonding with students.

Tutors should spend some time face to face with the students to make students gain some confidence especially for those students who have behavioural issues. In larger classrooms with a crowd of 30 students usually few students feel themselves lost because their queries are not heard and answered by the tutors so in the face-to-face time students become happy to get particular attention from the tutors. These face-to-face interactions should be pleasant and cooperative instead of punitive for poor performance of the students. For students, the words of their tutors are very important so tutors should seek some speciality in each student to speak on and talk about with the students. Tutors need to talk to the students daily for a few minutes about something they are very interested in and talk about it for those few minutes and this talk should not relate to school and anything related to it instead completely from outside such as hobbies and favourite time pass. Doing this wins the heart of the students very easily. In order to be connected with students it is necessary to be one of them and for this tutor should take interest in the interests of the students as it is said that to understand a child be a child. These days students have many interests so tutors should seek what interest makes the students happy and start to join them while they are busy in their interest for example, sit with a student while he or she is playing flute and ask him/her about that tune he/she is playing and show your interest in flute too and ask to teach you how to play it. This makes students very happy when tutors ask them to teach them something.

Students always like inspirational real-life stories so share your life story with them, especially those incidents when you lost your hope but mustered the courage and won the situation. Such stories boost their enthusiasm and invoke fighters in them. Such as while teaching Maths tell your students how difficult it was for you to understand problems based on fractions and tell them how you understood this chapter. Don’t teach so much seriously as Halloween night, kid’s nature is to laugh and smile with joy so let them enjoy it, create some humour in the class and make your students laugh sometimes so that they may enjoy your class and leave the exhaustion, stress, sadness and all negativity in once and get refresh. Most importantly, students like those tutors a lot who participate with their student’s events and encourage them. Parents understand this support or not but the tutor should understand this support and should provide it to their students whenever needed. It doesn’t matter in music concerts, sports events or in drama competitions. Students appreciate their favourite tutor being there to support them. 

All the above techniques can make the strongest bond of tutors with their students.

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