How it Works


Carry Strap for easy use

Top Container

Detachable for easy cleaning and option to add extra flavor

Large Juicer

Provides instant flavor

Small Juicer

Compress the produce and extracts the flavor

Bottom Jar Container

Storage for additional rounds of drinks

extra points

Dishwasher Safe
Extreme temperature resistant
Made from strong glass

Why Glass?

Because the Environment

Because it cools

Because it's fun!

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  • This is a fantastic design. I love the versatility and incorporation of the juicer with the water bottle. I am now motivated to drink more water. Kudos !!!!

    Abigail F.

  • Its so easy to use you can put juice and fruit in for different tastes. Also it is very well designed and doesn’t leak at all. A quick wash and you can use it all day. I would recommend this product to anyone!

    Tasmin A.

  • I love my aquatiser! It was delivered way sooner than expected which was great. I love the bottle, its much lighter than the glass bottle and easier to drink from. The cooler bag really does work. My water is kept cool so much longer even in warm weather. I also LOVE the booklet which has a fantastic amount of recipes. I'd recommend this bundle toanyone and have been doing so to all my friends.

    Amelia C.

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