People have been consuming marijuana for many years because of its various health benefits including relieving stress, managing insomnia, and helping with other issues. However, weed comes in different strains containing different percentages of the active compounds cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

One of the most popular marijuana strains is the Outer Space strain. This variant is dominant in sativa, and as the name “Sativa Outer Space” or “Outer Space strain” suggests it could help you enjoy the feeling of having been sent to outer space.

Understanding the outer space strain

So, how did sativa Outer Space come about? The hybrid strain was created by crossing Trinity and the Island Sweet Skunk strains. Those who use it say it produces cerebral as well as creative effects. You can tell the Outer Space strain due to its strong citrusy smell, and the flavorful smoke that emanates from it. You will certainly find it working best when you make it a daytime medicine. The strain’s citrus fragrance is irresistible and enticing, but even much better is the smoke with a sweet berry flavor. 

Outer space chemical composition and effects

Looking at the THC levels of outer space, they are in the range of 19% to 21%. These high THC levels allow the strain to take you to another world, removing you from your immediate surroundings. And as the effect of the Sativa outer space settles, it starts to bring out the full extent of its high. 

The users of outer space usually experience an elevation of their state of mind, and new ideas or objects may assume a new fascination. With the cerebral state from using this marijuana strain, users can find an effective way to fuel them to accomplish detailed analytical jobs and execute open-ended projects that need creativity.

Users of Sativa outer space

Due to the high THC content of the sativa Outer Space strain, it is used to treat physical fatigue, GI problems, acute pain, say due to injuries, and chronic pain due to conditions such as arthritis and lupus. You can buy high-quality outer space and other strains from Cannaflower to use for relaxation when feeling fatigued because the product works wonders when used during the day. When used during the night, it may keep you awake due to its upbeat effect.

Outer Space can be a good remedy also for those with attention deficit disorders because it can help them to concentrate on a single task. Moreover, the strain may help to elevate mood in people experiencing moderate stress or depression.

Another use of sativa Outer Space is to stimulate appetite for those who suffer hunger-loss as a result of certain diseases or treatments such as chemotherapy. But due to its potential to cause recursive thinking patterns, this strain is not recommended for patients prone to panic attacks or paranoia.


If you are into marijuana, you should try Outer Space if you haven’t previously. You should buy it from the most reputable suppliers so that you get properly cured flowers, that produce a pleasant aromatic fragrance. You can easily smoke it in a pipe or as a joint and enjoy the easily ingestible smooth and fruity smoke and on exhaling, the smoke has a distinct sweet taste


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