The oil industry will be in shock: scientists have been preparing a pleasant surprise for them for a long time. They are developing fuels that can be extracted from water, air, and plants.

Of course, we do not know when such cars will appear in mass sales or rental stores and whether they will appear at all. Going into any car dealership or hiring service like today, along with classic cars for rent, you will only see electric cars for hire. The types of fuel described below, we will see, alas, not soon.


Peugeot engineers have long announced the creation of a hybrid, where the internal combustion engine can run on the energy of compressed air. The principle of operation is designed so that the wheels of the car will be rotated by a pneumatic motor, which converts the energy of compressed air into rotation of the axle shafts. According to the French, this will help small cars reduce fuel consumption by up to 3 liters per 100 kilometers.

The system is environmentally friendly, as in the city the pneumohybrid can move on compressed air up to 80% of the time without creating a single milligram of harmful emissions. The concern plans to launch a car in the air in mass production in the near future.


Biodiesel has been produced since 1992. First-generation fuels are vegetable or animal oils that are treated with methyl (rarely ethyl) alcohol. Potassium hydroxide is added to the substance and methyl ester is obtained, which remains to be purified from the remnants of methanol, water, and saponified substances.

Biodiesel is good because it can not only be poured into any engine, but also increase its resource. The fuel is environmentally friendly and quickly decomposes by microorganisms when released into the natural environment.

But not without a flaw. The shelf life of biodiesel is only three months. It is also made from the plants we eat.


The era of hybrid cars is just around the corner. And not only because they reduce fuel consumption by 20-30%. Another reason is that ordinary hydrogen will soon become their energy source. It is cheap, safe, and environmentally friendly. The only emission to the atmosphere will be water vapor, and the car’s exhaust pipe will turn into a drainpipe.

Stanford Ovshinsky – former president, CEO of ECD, and one of the inventors of the nickel battery – developed a way to store hydrogen in solid form at room temperature, for which Time magazine called him “the hero of the planet.” After all, such a substance can also power internal combustion engines.

Stanford has developed a completely new fuel for cars – solid hydrogen, which can be picked up, smelled, or dropped. And all this – without harm to humans and the environment.

At this stage, the project is at the stage of revision and improvement.

Methane hydrates

When organic matter breaks down, methane is released. If the process is carried out at high pressure and at low temperature, the gas is “locked” in water crystals. Thus, it is not released into the atmosphere. So, it can be used for industrial purposes. One of them is its use as a fuel.

The main advantage of gas is that there is more than enough of it on the planet. For comparison: deposits of coal, oil, and gas in terms of methane – are less than two times. The Arctic shelf alone contains over 2,500 billion tons of methane hydrates. Worldwide – about 10 thousand billion.

The only caveat is that humanity has not yet come up with a technology for extracting the substance.


Ethanol, which is part of the vast majority of alcoholic beverages, can also be used as a fuel. And not only for car engines but also for rocket engines. The world’s first V-2 ballistic missile (invented by the Nazis during World War II) was fueled with pure alcohol.

According to some versions, ethanol has not yet become a popular fuel only because it quickly absorbs water vapor from the air when mixed with oil liquid mixtures. As a result, it begins to flake off and settle.

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