Sick and tired of entering your hours and having to calculate your time card? We understand how frustrating it is and we’d all prefer to work smarter, not harder. But no matter how “smart” we are with our time management skills and systems; things will get complicated.

If you manage employees, you know that your tasks can become overwhelming at times. For example, you know that initial admin tasks can be a real headache if you start a new job. Apart from setting up office procedures, you will also have to manage expenses and timesheets.

This is where time card calculators come in handy. For this reason, we’ve come up with our list of the top 5 Time Card Calculators. Let’s Dive into more.

  1. Free Time Card Calculator (Recommended)

The free time card calculator just has start and end times, a break deduction, and totals. It’s simple yet effective but sometimes, that’s all you need from your time card calculator. 

Rather than manually calculating the hours worked and payrolls for each employee, use the free time card calculator to calculate the hours worked and created each employee’s gross pay.

You save both time and money. Calculate the ’employee’s hours and minutes worked using the hours worked calculator. Furthermore, you can also calculate: 

  • Lunch breaks 
  • Other short periods off during the day 
  • Make payrolls on a daily, weekly, and biweekly basis
  1. TimeCard

TimeCard has a simple design and additional features such as lunch, overtime, time off, and sick/vacation variables. Work hours calculators can be essential, with merely work hours each day included.

Detailed labor hours calculators, on the other hand, include the following features:

  • Total work hours
  • Lunch break and other breaks
  • Time offs
  • Overtime
  • Rates
  • Calculation of regular work hours cost
  • Calculation of overtime cost

To generate a full-time card and hours computation, you must first set primary inputs such as the base employee cost rate, overtime threshold, and overtime rate.

  1. Online Time Card Hours Calculator is a handy online time card hours calculator that lets you tailor your experience to your specific needs. This free time tracker keeps track of your working hours and breaks and pays you daily, weekly, or monthly.

It permits many daily breaks and may automatically subtract breaks from total working hours. The calculator converts time from hours and minutes to decimal time automatically. If you’re new to working with time cards, it includes a handy tutorial paper. You can:

  • Pick the first day of your workweek.
  • Overtime pay should be factored in when calculating salary.
  • Then, round up to the nearest tenths, hundredths, or thousandths of an hour.
  • The site will remember your preferences for future visits.
  1. Toggl

Toggl’s time card calculator allows you to include a break interval amid your employees’ workday for more accurate accounting and payment. The Toggl Track Time Tracker turns your time into money as a corporation does by paying clients and generating revenue.

Toggl’s free time card calculator can assist you in swiftly counting and printing your working hours in any week and readily calculating your expected compensation. Toggl’s computations can also be updated to account for:

  • No rounding or rounding?
  • Base pay scale
  • Overtime pays
  • Calculate-overtime-following-trigger

Toggl’s timesheet template stands out for its simplicity and use. Input your start and finish hours and the number of activities you require, and your nicely created timesheet is ready to print. Toggl is the simplest method to log your time and total your hours.

Consider the software and cloud-based choices in the following area for greater control over all parts of your time card computations, labor expenses, and budgeting.

  1. Boomr

The Boomr time card calculates all work hours and attendance inputs. It displays them in the working time report to assist with payroll calculations. It features two main plans, both of which include unlimited employee timesheets.

It’s just adding any time-in and time-out variables for your employees and any lunch or break deductions. Boomr provides a 30-day free trial but requires the addition of a Company name to join up.

  • Boomr is ideal for small enterprises, startups, and large corporations.
  • Calculate your timesheets for free.
  • Reports on employee productivity
  • Make your staff more automated.
  • Reminders and notifications that are sent automatically
  • Payroll and invoicing statements that are accurate
  • Time management and project tracking
  • Record-keeping that is error-free

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to boost your team’s productivity while at the same time preventing burnout, then a work hour calculator is an excellent tool. You can delegate tasks based on your team’s capabilities and current workload.

You can use plenty of time card calculators, but the Free time card calculator is our favorite among the top 5-time card calculators. This is the best software for calculating hours worked. It’s so easy to use and comes with fast support.

We have listed five tools on this list you can use to manage your time, and I think you’ll be happy with one of them.

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