CBD (cannabidiol) is one of the compounds found in both hemp and cannabis plants. CBD is becoming increasingly popular in human medicine, but did you know it’s also suitable for your furry friends?

CBD cat treats are one of the best options to keep your feline companion healthy and happy, and they are a great way to promote your cat’s overall wellness.

Here are the main reasons why you should buy your kitty some CBD-infused crunchy cat treats.

They’re a Healthy Option

CBD cat treats are a great alternative to chemical-laden, unhealthy treats. These hemp seed-based treats contain no fillers and offer a plethora of vitamins and minerals, including Omega fatty acids, Omega 3s, and Omega 6s, as well as iron and calcium.

They’re also great for skin and coat. Do you know how your kitty’s coat is always shiny and soft? That’s because she produces oil from her sebaceous glands, which keep her fur moisturized and glossy.

These treats help support this process, resulting in a shinier coat. They also contain fatty acids like arachidonic acid and linoleic acids, which promote a healthy skin barrier.

They’re a Great Way to Help Your Sick Cat 

Many owners report that their cat’s appetite decreases when she feels under the weather. CBD cat treats are delicious enough for cats who are feeling under the weather to eat. They also address vomiting, nausea, and appetite loss due to illness.

CBD treats address diarrhea by calming down intestinal hypermotility while increasing mucus production in the gut.

It helps soothe diarrhea while allowing your kitty’s body to absorb more water, decreasing symptoms of dehydration.

They Work Great for Older Cats

Older cats may struggle with mobility and joint stiffness, but CBD treats can help.

The oil supports muscle and tissue health by decreasing inflammation and promoting healthy metabolism and hydration, contributing to healthy bone density. For aging cats, this means less pain.

They Can Help with Behavior Problems

For cats that tend to get into things, such as your stash of vegan cupcakes or that tube of toothpaste, CBD cat treats can be helpful.

They address behavior problems such as over-grooming and compulsive licking by balancing out the feline’s brain chemistry. The oil also reduces stress and anxiety in cats who tend toward anxiousness and nervousness.

They’re a Great Substitute for Pills

If your cat doesn’t take its medicine, CBD-infused treats are a great option. Cats are notoriously picky eaters who are often suspicious of new things they try.

Plus, getting them to take their medicine can be challenging if they’ve already learned how tasty the treat you’re trying to fool them with is. Treats taste good and smell enticing, so CBD treats are a great way to get your cat healthy.

They Work Great on Cats with Anxiety Issues

According to the National Library of Medicine report, CBD has anti-panic properties, beneficial for animals.

Anxiety issues in cats aren’t uncommon, and they can be so severe that the cat will have a hard time being around people.

Getting professional help requires a trip to the vet, but CBD-infused treats are effective without requiring a visit to the doctor. They reduce stress and can help make your kitty seem more affectionate.

CBD for Cats is Completely Safe and Non-Addictive

CBD for cats is entirely safe and non-addictive. You wouldn’t have to worry about giving your cat enough treats, either, because it’s perfectly safe and doesn’t even cause a high if you were to give too many.

There’s no chance of overdose.

They’re Delicious!

Cats love the taste of CBD treats! They’re sweet and crunchy, and they smell good enough to eat.

You can feel confident that because these healthy cat treats are from hemp seeds rather than marijuana flowers, you’re not putting your kitty at risk for psychoactive effects.

Additionally, there aren’t any side effects that you or your cat will experience when using CBD treats to help with treating anxiety and behavior issues. The only side effect is an improvement.

Although your furry friends can’t enjoy the festivities with you at dinner, they deserve a treat, too. These tasty CBD treats smell great and taste even better.

Because cats love them so much, you could probably get away with giving them more than one without your cat getting sick of them!

CBD for cats is entirely safe, and you can feel confident giving it to your pet for anxiety, stress, arthritis, nausea, appetite loss due to illness, and lack of energy due to aging. This can also help treat behavior problems such as over-grooming or compulsive licking, diarrhea, and even seizures.

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