Are you a new realtor interested in getting started with real estate postcards? It can be a confusing marketing method to get into. Fortunately, we have created a guide to get high-quality postcards. 

In this article, we will be looking at two methods for getting high-quality real estate postcards; template builders, such as Wise Pelican, and using printer shops to do it yourself.

Online Template Builders

Online template builders like Wise Pelican are popular for realtors looking to get started with real estate postcard marketing. They offer numerous benefits to their customers that we listed below.

A Wide Variety of Templates

A good online real estate postcards template company like Wise Pelican will offer hundreds of different templates for your postcards. 

This includes your standard postcards such as Just Listed, Just Sold, and Agent Introduction Cards. These three cards will help you establish your brand in your target market. However, one of the most significant benefits Wise Pelican offers is out-of-the-box real estate postcard templates that can help you separate from the competition.

Mail Tracking Support

A problem many realtors have when trying to mass deliver realtor postcards is keeping track of their delivery. Postcards template companies allow you to track all your postcards so you know they are getting paid on time. 

Interactive List Builder

Creating a mailing list is crucial in making an effective postcard marketing campaign. Once you decide on the neighborhoods, you would like to target. A good postcard template company like Wise Pelican will offer an interactive list-builder that allows you to upload or create a mailing list from an area on the map. 

These Interactive lists allow you to assign different addresses to different postcards, so you don’t keep sending the same postcard to the same potential clients. Additionally, you can block specific addresses from the list, so no postcards are delivered to them. These tools offer you the most control in your marketing campaign.

PreScheduled Mailing

Every successful realtor will tell you consistency is the most crucial factor in real estate postcard marketing. This means you have to continually send postcards, so your target market remembers your face when it comes time for them to sell or buy property. Template builders allow you to pre schedule your deliveries, so your marketing campaign is always on track.

Being a successful realtor means having a hectic work life, and it’s only natural that you would forget to mail out postcards every once in a while if you were doing it all manually. Wise pelican automates the process so you can focus on your other responsibilities. 

In-Store Printing Shops

The other alternative to template builders is doing all the work yourself and printing them yourself at a printing store. The one main benefit is you have all the control, including creating the postcard from scratch. 

If you have experience in graphic design, this might be the right choice. Template companies don’t just stylize the postcard. They handle all shipping and tracking required to run the campaign. All those responsibilities will fall on your shoulders.

Online Template Builders Are The Way To Go

It should be clear that template builders are the way to go when starting a real estate postcard campaign. They offer a wide variety of templates that can help make your campaign unique and handle all the minute details so you can focus on being the best possible realtor you can be.

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