Dogs have been known as best friends to man since the beginning. They are known for their loyalty, dedication, and friendliness. They can also be used for different purposes, which may include security and pets. There are many pup breeds in the world today. 

Some have even estimated that they are over two hundred different breeds. The harsh reality is not all of them fit the purpose we need them for. The dogs that are being used for security may not make great pets and vice versa.

Are you a dog lover in search of the correct type of canine breeds for your kids? There is good news for you; you are not alone because many others ask the same question. 

Dogs have been known to make great pets for children of all ages because they are naturally loyal, loving, and great companions. They have also been known to teach kids how to take responsibility and show them, unconditional love. 

Whether you want something to cuddle up while lying down or reading a book, or you need something to run beside you on the road, a dog will be there for you.

In this article, we will be looking at the right kind of breed for your children, so pay close attention. 

What are the Factors to Consider When Selecting the Right Breed for your Kids?

Various factors play considerable parts in the selection of the species that suits your child. These factors will be discussed below.

Its Size

Do you want a big one or a small one for your kids? This question may seem easy to answer, but you must understand that size affects animals’ actions and behaviors. Size should be considered in relation to some other factors. If your kids are active, you might want to consider the animal’s size. 

Smaller ones tend to be more excitable, while bigger dogs tend to be more docile. You can check here for tips on how to choose the right size of dog for your home. 

Its Care Levels

Of course, you should have plans to be a loving and dedicated pet owner, but is your furry friend in tandem with you? Animals come with various needs. Even though all of them need to be fed appropriately, some may eat more than others. 

All may need grooming, but the grooming frequency may differ, and things like that. As an adult, it is your duty to choose the best for your kids, but you might want to put yourself into consideration because they will do little or nothing to care for the animals, so it is all you. Know the level of effort you need before going to get one for your kids.

Its Temperament

Temperament is part of a dog’s personality. Kids can be problematic to humans, and we can say it may apply to dogs as well. You wouldn’t want your kids to stir up your furry pal’s anger, and then it attacks. 

Also, dogs are known to have strong bonds with humans, and you might want to go for calmer ones in this case as they are more likely to form stronger bonds.

Its Energy Levels

What are the energy levels you want from your furry friends? Would you like an overly energetic pal or a sleepy lap dog? Dogs vary in terms of energy levels, even though size may play a small role in how dormant or active animals may be. 

It all boils down to choice, and you need to be realistic about meeting the energy requirements of anyone you choose because you cannot meet those requirements, and there may be behavioral problems down the line.

Its Level of Training

Would you want an adult dog that requires little or no training but will take some time to blend into the family and gain the love and affection of your kids, or would you prefer to go with puppies that may require some level of training but will grow with the kid? 

Exercise is essential when selecting the kind of pup, you need for your kids, as they would end up either loving or hating you for this. There are more on this link about ways to train your puppy to be a better housemate. 

Top Selections of Dogs for your Kids


Even though nobody should tell you the type of pup you need for your kids, you might need some expert picks that will guide you when making your selections. Below are some of those picks;

The Golden Retriever

This breed is intelligent, confident, loyal, and kind. It is incredibly patient and less aggressive, making it perfect for kids. The species may not need much exercise, but they can play with kids all day, so every parent might want a companion to keep their troublesome kids busy.

The Labrador Retriever

Being one of the most popular breeds, they fit the bill for best dog breeds for children. They are protective, reliable, patient, and playful. They are also knowledgeable, meaning it is easy to train them. However, they love to exercise and have a high level of strength and stamina. They also get along with other animals and pets and are not so difficult to maintain.

The Beagle

Forget its small size; this breed has a calm temperament, making them an excellent fit for children. Even though they were once known as hunting dogs, nowadays, their roles in the lives of humans have changed. 

If your children love outdoor games, they just got themselves an accomplice in the beagle. They are brilliant, happy, and friendly. With frequent bathing and brushing, they are good to go.

Take Away

There are other notable mentions, but time would not permit us. However, one should have in mind that it all boils down to choice. But with the factors discussed above, we believe you can always make the right choice.

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