Pest control is a uniquely exciting field, but it’s not only the pest controllers themselves who can get involved in removing or eradicating pests from people’s homes. Pest control requires a number of different moving parts in order to come together, and these include the production of equipment and the delivery of specialist equipment to specific sites. As such, if you’re interested in contributing to the field, you’ll not necessarily need to have training in the control of household pests. Here are some unique jobs you can do in pest control. 

Equipment Production 

Plenty of people will be lucky enough not to have suffered pests in their home, and as such will only be dimly aware of the kind of equipment pest control experts tend to use when addressing specific pests. Naturally, this equipment varies – from mice and rat traps through to special chemicals that are designed to flush out bees, wasps, hornets or ants. 

Pest controllers don’t produce these themselves, of course. They purchase them from stores, which in turn purchase them from wholesalers. So if you’re interested in contributing to the field, you could do worse than assuming a role in a production company that develops pest control measures. Perhaps some of the most exciting jobs in this regard are in researching and producing the chemical compounds that are most effective in combating pests.

Delivery Driving

You might see your current role as delivery driver as simply a case of picking up loads and delivering them to people’s doorsteps. There’s nothing wrong with that of course, but if you’re interested in varying your loads and the contexts in which you deliver them, it’s always the case that pest controllers will need delivery drivers to get equipment to their homes or to the homes of their customers. 

Try Shiply, which is a website that features hundreds of different truck loads requests, in order to find new and exciting delivery requirements – including in the field of pest control. You may even find that you become close with the pest controllers that you deliver for, and are able to make several journeys for them over the course of weeks or months in between your usual jobs. 

Waste Disposal

Many of the methods by which pests are caught and killed involve chemicals. Even if they don’t, the disposal of dead animals must be done carefully in order to avoid contamination and legal issues. Often, disposal will not be taken into the hands of the pest controller firm itself, but will be outsourced to a specialist waste disposal firm that’s trained and equipped to safely dispose of pest control waste. 

A job in this field will bring you into contact with pest controllers from time to time and, just like in delivery driving, you may well become their preferred disposer of their waste if you provide a good service over time. Such relationships can bring you closer to the fascinating world of pest control, where interesting stories abound.

Consider one of these career paths if you’re interested in unique jobs in the field of pest control – helping keep pests from the nation’s homes.

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