British gamblers who want to explore the world of Casino Bonuses UK should read this article. Our goal here is not to encourage you to gamble, but rather:

To inform about the background of casino bonuses UK and why you need some understanding about them before making any decisions;
To give advice on some aspects that we think might be crucial for someone who wants to make sense of casino bonuses UK at once; and
To offer some recommendations that might help you get started with your gambling experience.

We’ll begin by explaining what a bonus is and how it works.

The term “bonus” is often used interchangeably with the word “free cash bonus”, but I think it would be better to use them separately. A free cash bonus, as the name suggests, is awarded to you by the casino (we’ll call that operator) without any kind of reciprocation or payment. If you win that bonus, you win it alone. The operator does not enter into a transaction with you or give anything of value in exchange for this money.

However, bonuses do not have to be given away for free. There are also deposit bonuses, which you can get by making a deposit. You can exchange money for credits or chips, or whatever the casino calls it. The bonus itself is given to you in the form of free cash.

That’s why I think it’s better to refer to all money that you receive from your casinos as casino bonuses in the UK, rather than “free cash”. It will help you understand their nature better and avoid any confusion, especially if we take into account that some casinos require you to meet certain wagering requirements before they let you withdraw your bonus winnings.

Now let’s talk about how casino bonuses UK work and what they are used for.

You get a standard casino bonus for several reasons:

  • You can get a free roll on your first deposit;
  • You can get the initial balance of the account increased;
  • Your accumulated balance increases with each deposit until some value is reached and
  • you get that new value as a set amount. The casino then starts both charging and giving
  • you the “bonus”. The amount charged is determined by either:
  • The percentage of deposits that you have made since you joined this operator, or
  • The minimum deposit is required to receive that bonus.

There are other reasons why casinos give bonuses, but in our opinion, it would be better to leave them aside for now. It’s not a good idea to start by trying to grasp everything at once. Let’s start from the beginning and work our way slowly.

When you first start playing at a casino, it is likely that the casino will offer you some kind of bonus as an incentive to join. You might play with real money now, or you can make your first deposit and get credits as a bonus for it. In each case, the casino gives you your bonus as free money, but remember that it’s no deposited bonuses the UK. It is still free cash. If the casino is operated by licensed companies, then it will be regulated money. If you play at an offshore site, then it is likely that even if the operator is licensed, the credits given as a bonus do not deposit bonuses UK. It’s not regulated money, and if it comes to regulation of money, you will certainly want to check this out on your own.

I think one of the most important issues for someone who wants to make sense of casino bonuses UK at once is to make sure that what you’ve received is free cash. If you’ve received deposit bonuses UK instead, then they are actually real cash! You can’t just remove some or all of them at any time.


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