We’ve compiled a list of the worst advice we’ve heard for people who Cost of owning a diesel truck. We hope you enjoy some of these!

  • Don’t worry about mileage, just drive more.
  • If it smells like diesel, that’s because your truck is good.
  • A bad battery will just need to be replaced with another battery.
  • A tire blowout will only happen once in your lifetime so don’t bother changing tires.
  • If you want better gas mileage, just buy a hybrid car instead of a diesel truck!

I really love my new car. It’s a gas-saving hybrid and I feel a lot better driving a car that’s more kind to the Earth.” – Lisa

Unless you have a blowout, buying tires for your diesel truck is a complete waste of money.” – Fred

If my truck is going to break down, I’m glad it costs money instead of something else. My family has always been prepared for everything.” – Joanie

Nothing lasts forever, so just trade your truck in every 3 years instead of fixing it. It’ll cost less in the long run.” – Al

All I ever drive is my diesel truck. It’s way more efficient than hybrids.” – Mandy

Because the gas tank is always open, all of my friends think my truck is property of the public — why can’t they just use it themselves?!” – Peter

Toyota Tundra owners go to Red Lobster to save money!” – Billy
I love that burning oil smell! That means that my vehicle is saving money for me!” – Mark

I once parked on someone’s lawn and they thought that was okay… but then they complained when I parked my truck on their lawn.” – Steve

It’s not like alcohol makes alcoholics, and it’s not like diesel makes me a jerk. It’s just the places I go and the things I do with my friends and family and it’s not like I’m ignoring my wife or children!” – Hyron

I love that everybody has to deal with bad car maintenance, but it seems like only diesel owners have to worry about issues with their trucks!” – Lacy

What can be better than driving a truck? Driving a BIG truck. I’ve turned my truck into a mobile home and I love it.” – Ruby

My truck is full of all the things that I could possibly need and that stuff just happens to be heavy! It’s not like I purposefully packed that way!” – Holly

I don’t know why people think that they are better drivers because they drive a hybrid or electric vehicle. It’s not like they are better people!” – Jessica

My diesel is louder than most people’s children! It’s not like I don’t notice, it’s just that when you ask me to turn it down, I don’t listen!” – John

I guess you can tell that my truck is old by how much rust it has — but what you can’t see is how much rust there was BEFORE the truck rusted! Why did I buy this truck?” – Phil

It doesn’t matter what kind of oil you use in your vehicle. It really doesn’t matter at all. People are so worried about the wrong things in life!” – Tom

It’s not like I have any idea what I’ve gotten myself into with my diesel. I just bought it because they aren’t making them anymore, and they are better than hybrids.” – Daniel

I’ve got an older diesel truck that my dad gave me. It is nicer than any newer truck! They just don’t make them like they used to.” – Mimi

I know my truck isn’t very big, but you can’t expect it to carry everything. Sometimes you have to leave the things you love behind.” – Lola

My vehicle has gotten me through some tough situations. It’s not like I don’t pay attention to it at all, but sometimes you have to make sacrifices in life.” – Ted

I used to have a Prius. It is so nice being able to talk on my phone when driving, listen to the radio, and not have people honking at me when I try to change lanes! And when people honk at me for no reason, they are probably jealous of my truck!” – Samantha

People have no idea how much work is involved with owning a diesel. Like making sure I have the right oil in the right amount and making sure it’s changed when needed.” – Angela

I don’t know if it’s a good idea to use this diesel for a long time. The thing will break down. It’s not like I can just buy a newer model when it does, I’ll have to buy a whole new truck!” – Grace

For some reason, people think that they can just go to a dealership and they’ll hook me up with all sorts of things from parts to service. My truck is my baby, so they have no idea how hard it is for me to get what I need.


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