We used to believe it was just women that enjoyed the advantage of owning a wardrobe that had a variety of outfits. Men are now just as keen to update their wardrobe and are looking for never-ending ways to enhance their style. An easy way to do this would be to slip both western and Indo-Western outfits into their wardrobe and up their fashion game. When it comes to men’s western wear, a huge number of options like shirts, trousers, chinos, hats, cropped trousers, shorts, casual shirts, a pair of western boots, a wide-brim hat, etc. are available..

How should men wear western clothes?

Here are some tips to ensure you always look fashionable:

1.       Keep it simple. 

2.       Make sure your clothes fit well.

3.       Find your own personal style.

4.       Be comfortable with what you are wearing.

Indo-western wear for men

Since the time of British rule, Indo-western outfits have raided Indian culture. It’s not just women anymore that are conscious of what they are wearing. Men are now looking to be just as stylish. With menswear now becoming more varied and experimental, there are so many ways you can enhance your style. Here are some indowestern wear for men that can be added to your wardrobe:

1.       Nehru Jackets: This outfit makes you look rich, neat, and put together. You can pair it with a Pathani kurta, jeans, or Jodhpuri pants.

2.       Indo-western suits: For a charming appeal, an indo-western suit is most popularly worn during wedding festivities. This is an innovative combination of tuxedos and kurtas crafted with delicate embroidery work, that makes you feel classy and rich.

3.       Waistcoat suits: This is a whole set made up of a kurta, a waistcoat, and pajamas. It can be worn at weddings and festivals, to really stand out from the crowd. This comfortable outfit makes men look decent, elegant and stylish.

4.       Sherwani: Getting hitched? The sherwani is a dashing, traditional and evergreen outfit for grooms. Its royal appeal will make you the perfect groom.

5.       Kurta with denim jeans: This is the simplest and classiest style which is quite commonly worn by men. It falls under both men’s western wear as well as indo-western wear. Pairing any kurta shade with a darker shade of denim, can definitely hype the look.

6.       Shirts and Dhoti pants: This is another trendy style seen by a lot of men. Wearing Dhoti pants along with a shirt and a blazer can make anyone stand out from the crowd. It’s lightweight and comfy, while still giving the look a traditional charm.

7.       Shirts, scarf, and turban: Want to really show up?  A formal shirt with a scarf and head turban is perfect for festivals, and will definitely have all eyes on you.

To Sum It Up:

No matter what you wear, make sure your outfit is comfortable. Be it men’s western wear or indowestern wear, it should make you feel confident and classy. Make sure your outfit fits well, invest in good quality- fabrics, and pay attention to accessories. Also, knowing what looks good with your body type really helps. But honestly, anyone can pull off a well- coordinated outfit that is carried off with confidence. And most importantly, make sure you’re comfortable! You can easily search and grab western wear and indo-western wear for men on platforms like Nyka Luxe, Ajio Luxe, Tata Cliq Luxe, and Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop. Happy shopping!


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