All of us generally buy the family health insurance plan and feel content and secure against the need for hospitalization and other medical emergencies. But the question is that are we done? To answer the question, you need to understand what does family health insurance cover. With the unhealthy modernized lifestyle of the present world, one needs to be prepared for any type of emergency, but the normal family health plan covers the generic problems and not the critical diseases. Hence, to meet the shocking eventualities and serious medical conditions and their expense requirements, one must consider the best critical illness insurance plan as well while researching for the insurance plans. 

Understanding the need for the critical illness policy

The critical health plans act as a future asset and turn valuable when God forbid, one gets diagnosed with some severe and critical health condition. The policy for critical illness undertakes to pay you a certain fixed amount of money in case of being affected by any critical disease covered under the plan. Though a critical insurance plan is not complementary to the family health plan, it sounds important in addition to the same. The critical illness policy should be bought only after analysing a few important points. When you have a dependent family that may include senior citizens, kids etc. it is advisable to go for the same as an extra burden on the pocket may result in difficulty in managing funds. 

The critical illness attacks the families emotionally as well as financially. By opting for the critical illness health insurance plan, you can feel financially secured and thus the pressure over the respective families is reduced.

Points to be considered while finalizing the choice of critical illness insurance

The critical health insurance policy is something whose choice relies on your foresight and pocket. This actually is a plan for an unpredictable future. This is taken as a preventive measure against a sudden diagnosis of a deadly disease. Some points to be considered while the same are:

  • The clause about survival: Most of the health insurance plans deal with the waiting term or a 30-day survival tenure. An appropriate and well-researched consideration may introduce you to the best option in the market. The ‘survival clause’ is in effect after being diagnosed with some critical and major health problem. 
  • A thorough understanding of the policy before finalizing: It’s good to be futuristic and it’s equally important to go through the policy in detail. Paying attention to the details is necessary to make a decision suitable for one’s requirements. Going through the policy thoroughly is the only way to guide yourself to choose the best. Some specific topics that need attention may be inclusions or exclusions, the final claim process, the advantages regarding the claim-free years or discounts and formalities, coverage costs and tenure, waiting period, claim settlement policy etc. 
  • Health condition to be considered well: It is important to understand that the policy you are opting for is covering the requirements or not. It’s not you, rather it’s your health condition and living style that decides for the same. Hence, an early start is always recommended. Also, hereditary ailments play an important part in deciding the choice of a critical health insurance plan. 
  • Opt for comprehensive plan coverage: Though this is not your prior health plan it is necessary. So, going through the terms and conditions of the same and being aware of the exclusive and inclusive diseases of the critical health insurance plan is always in the favour of the insured. In case of doubts, it’s better to clarify the matter with some experts. 
  • Choosing one which supports the prior health insurance policy: This consideration may even help you to stay in symmetry with the latter which helps you to avail adequate return and coverage at times of need. Both put together can help you get optimal financial help at a critical time. Thus, a critical health insurance policy may prove to be an additional layer in all aspects of insurance care helping to kick the fear of uncertainties out.

Enumerating some benefits of the same

  • Coverage of expenditure incurred for hefty medical emergencies.
  • Covers the hospitalization charges as well as the expenses beyond that period.
  • Cashless admission facilities.
  • Tax redemption.
  • It covers ambulance expenses. 

Care Insurance has been working as a pioneer in the field of critical illness insurance. Critical illness insurance policy at Care Health Insurance has been a saviour to people who have been suffering from serious health issues such as cancer, renal failure, circulatory diseases etc. 

At Care Health Insurance we aim at providing undisputed insurance coverage for an individual or a family with simplicity of the process and minimized formalities. Our critical illness insurance coverage provides coverage for 32 serious diseases which are already mentioned in the policy. 


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