When writing a guest post for another website, there are certain things that you must keep in mind. Firstly, you must make sure that your post is interesting and unique. Also, make sure that you secure as many backlinks as possible. These backlinks are important factors in SEO ranking. If your guest post is not original, it will not help your website’s search engine rankings. This is because Google will penalize your site if it has too few backlinks.

Guide to writing a guest post

You’ve just finished submitting your application for an SEO job. What’s next? Getting qualified to write for a blog. Next, brainstorm blog post ideas that will be interesting to your readers. You can even include a headshot and social media links at the end of your application. Lastly, be sure to include your bio. The more information you provide, the better your chance of landing a guest post.

When it comes to writing a high quality guest post sites, it is crucial to follow all guidelines. Make sure that the content of your post is of high quality and will serve as a branding piece for your site. Also, be sure to include relevant, contextual links. These links will help your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts, and your potential website traffic. Listed below are some guest post writing tips.

Places to write a guest post

– Create a SMART goal. When writing a guest post, set a specific goal and topic. SMART goals will help you decide if it is worth your time and effort. By tracking the amount of referral traffic your guest posts generate, you can also gauge the return on your investment. You can use content explorer to find thousands of articles that mention your target keyword and other relevant keywords.

There are many places you can write a guest post, but how do you choose the right ones? There are a few things to look for when selecting a guest post site. First of all, be sure that you write high-quality content, which ranks highly on Google for your own keywords. Make sure to include at least 1-2 contextual links to your domain in the author bio. Another thing to look for is whether the guest post is relevant to the website in which you are submitting it, and make sure that the subject matter of the article fits the topic of the linking page.

A guest post for SEO

Next, look at pages that rank for your topic, and take notes. Take note of the user intent behind each page. The query intent can shift quickly, so be sure to take into consideration both the initial intent and any possible follow-up intents. If you’re writing a guest post for SEO, Google wants to see that you have credible content. In other words, the guest post should be geared toward SEO, so make sure to write a high-quality, high-ranking article.

Don’t forget to mention your focus keyword, and include synonyms whenever possible. Keyword stuffing can turn off your readers and website host and can even backfire on your SEO strategy. Another thing to keep in mind is that Google’s RankBrain algorithm is now adapted to read text in a similar manner to a human brain. In order to stay relevant, your guest post must be engaging to both the reader and the virtual brain of Google.

Guidelines for writing  

When submitting a guest post, consider the editorial process of the host site. If the site requires full editing or HTML formatting, you can indicate this in your guidelines. Other requirements include the subject line and format for the email itself. Before submitting a guest posting services take a few minutes to read the site’s guidelines to ensure that your content meets their requirements. If the editor is a human, be sure to include a personal message or thank them for their time.

Having knowledge of the target blog audience is essential in creating a compelling guest post pitch. If you’re pitching a guest post to a business website, research its audience first. Do not pitch an idea that has already been covered by another publication. Make it unique and relevant to the publication’s audience. Lastly, proofread your email carefully. A grammatical or spelling mistake is a clear indication of amateurish writing that the editor won’t trust.


Whether you’re writing a pitch to a marketing or content marketing company, the most important element in your email is personalization. Mentioning a piece of content on the blog you’re pitching will increase your outreach by 50%! And remember to follow up twice! Use different email addresses to contact different people at the company. The best way to ensure that your message gets across is to follow up twice.


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