At times organizing a business trip can be much more challenging than a short vacation for a few days, after all, you have to arrange everything clearly, so as not to be late for important meetings and not to get lost in such a big city as Dubai. As you probably know the UAE differs from other Eastern countries by its discipline, which must be respected by both residents and visitors. For this reason, we have decided to compile a small guide on how to manage a business trip to Dubai.

  • Plan your transfer

First, you should think of transport in advance, because your personal safety and comfort directly depends on it. Despite the fact that the infrastructure in the city is well-developed, it can be quite difficult to get from one place to another, particularly when you are not in the center of the city. In such cases, the majority comes to the aid of car rental services. Car is not only about convenience, but also about saving time. By renting a car you become much more mobile. During business trips it is especially important to show yourself to the partners from the best side, in this case luxury car rental in Dubai can be very helpful. Automobile companies provide a great variety of different vehicles, service specialists can help you find and rent a car according to your preferences as well as take care of your comfort during the trip.

  • Timing is the key

Always make sure to plan your trip properly, making a list of things you need to do and appointments you need to visit in advance. This is highly essential, since in the UAE the day off is considered to be Friday, rather than Sunday as it is common for us. Friday is regarded as a day of peace and harmony. On this day Arabian people used to spend time with their families and pray a lot. Also, we advise you to postpone all business trips to the UAE during the holy month of Ramadan, at this time of year Muslims fast. There is even a law in the UAE that prohibits tourists from drinking and partying or doing anything disruptive during Ramadan in the daytime.

  • Choose your clothes properly

In the summer the temperature in Dubai can rise up to 40 C. For this reason, be sure to take clothes that would not get you so hot. It is better to make a choice in favor of costumes made of cotton and linen fabrics. As for women, it’s preferable to wear knee-covering shorts, because a short length is considered revealing and may be taken by your Arab colleagues as a gesture of disrespect.

  • Familiarize yourself with Arabian culture

The main national black of Arabs is hospitality. Hospitality is also prevalent in business communication, any business meeting in the office takes on an atmosphere of cordiality and comfort. Guests are always offered coffee and sweets, which must be accepted as a sign of respect for the host of the meeting. Gestures have a special meaning in Arab culture as well. For example, according to the rules of etiquette, only the right hand should always be used when shaking hands, it signifies cordiality and peaceful intention.

Take your time to prepare for a business trip to Dubai. We hope that you will consider this little advice, which can help to communicate with your Arabian partners better and also conduct business meetings successfully. Good luck!


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