You must have heard of counting the numbers, its mathematics, but writing the numbers in words is mathematics too. The common language for counting in words is the English language. When we write in mathematics, we write the numbers based on the place value of the digits and read them like that too. For example, 2,00,000 is written as two hundred thousand or two lakhs in words. The place values are read as ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, etc.

The foundation of Maths depends on numbers. Every solitary clue and concept that you learn include numbers. It could be any sort of calculation; numbers are used for solving all the calculations. Moreover, there are numerous kinds of numbers, taught in the chapter on the Number system. The numbers are spoken as words, in the usual structure, and are used in the form of place value or face value.

It is simple, yet you need to learn to write the counting in words, do have a close look at the details below:

Numbers                     Words

0                                                  Zero

1                                                  One

2                                                  Two

3                                                  Three

4                                                   Four

5                                                   Five

6                                                   Six

7                                                   Seven

8                                                   Eight

9                                                   Nine

How do you convert the numbers into words?

As discussed above for writing any number in words, you have to understand the place value of the number. Let’s look at the following steps to understand this.

  • The place value is known as “ones” can hold just a single digit. These are mentioned like zero, one, and so on till nine.
  • The smallest number in tens place is 10, you write it as ten in words.
  • After that is the ten’s place. It can have numbers starting from 10 and up to 19. You have to write them as ten, eleven, and so on. The number, in the end, is twenty. 
  • The number develops a form after twenty, hence we write them in words as follows: thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety, and so on.
  • The numbers in precedence are linked with the words and stated from one to nine. For example, twenty-one, twenty-two, and so on.

How to write the spelling of numbers?

Now that you have learned to write numbers in words from 1 to 100. It is time to learn to write 1 to 1000 in words, for each 100th number, you have to repeat the terms. For example, 104 is written as one-hundred and four and 188 as One-hundred eighty-eight, etc.

When you come to 200, you start spelling it as two hundred. Again, the numbers between 201 to 299, after the hundredth value are recurring, which means we write them as two-hundred one to two-hundred ninety-nine. Similarly, numbers up to 999 are written.

After 999 comes 1000 and you spell it as one-thousand or just thousand. 

The table below shows you some examples for writing higher numbers:

  • 40,000 – Forty Thousand
  • 45,000 – Forty-Five Thousand

For even higher numbers:

  • 800, 000 – Eight hundred thousand or Eight Lakhs
  • 900, 000 – Nine hundred thousand or Nine Lakhs

Please note some easy tips that are mentioned below for writing and spelling numbers in words:

  • Note down all the numbers starting from 1 to 10 on paper and then write the spellings
  • Thoroughly learn the spellings from 1 to 10, these form the basics of number names.
  • Eleven and twelve have similar sounds like ten.
  • Starting from 13 to 19 we have to suffix teen with the words, like thirteen, fourteen, etc.
  • Starting 20, you start to use the extended form of two, which is twenty, twenty-one, and so on. 
  • All the multiples of ten are to be memorized after this, like 20, 30, 40, etc.
  • After the multiples of 100, 1000, and so on the format of writing the numbers is the same.

This simple chapter is easy to understand with the help of various worksheets available on Cuemath. Go ahead and make the most of it.


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