Both are concentrated cannabis for people who don’t know what they are. On the other hand, we get Green Dragon by boiling the actual flower in a high-strength liquor to extract the THC from the bud, effectively THC Extract. On the other hand, Golden Dragon is a by-product of marijuana vaping.

Find the difference between the Golden Dragon vs. Green Dragon strain, survey the pros and cons of every method, and see certifiable lab tests that let us know which way is more intense and by how much.


To put it simply, making a cannabis tincture involves pouring high-proof grain alcohol over cannabis blossom buds or leaves. The high-proof alcohol acts as a dissolvable, extracting the cannabinoids (also known as medication: CBD, THC, and other similar compounds) from the plant materials and trapping them in the alcohol.

This result is an alcohol-based cannabis strain that you can use for various applications, including sublingual (under the tongue) administration and the creation of different cannabis plans. The Golden Dragon QWET Strain method or the Green Dragon prolong Soak Tincture method are the two most used methods for manufacturing cannabis tinctures.


QWET stands for ‘quick wash extraction method’ or ‘quick wash ethanol extraction,’ referring to a cannabis tincture known as the Golden Dragon or Ice Dragon. This QWET extraction process uses frozen cannabis, frozen alcohol, and shorter wash times to create a cannabis tincture.

This process yields a lighter-shaded, less-seriously seasoned – but captivating – cannabis extraction. Compared with a traditional Green Dragon tincture, this fast wash more excellent procedure delivers a much lighter shaded liquid with a much milder cannabis flavor.

The QWET method is preferred for the most part because its mild taste and flavor result in better-tasting food. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, which we’ll discuss in more detail below, but the essential question is: which is more powerful?

Continue reading to have a look at the pros and cons of every method, by which you can conclude whether the Golden Dragon or the Green Dragon method is appropriate for you.



  • Speedier to produce
  • Produces better tasting edibles
  • Produce a considerably more gentle cannabis taste than many individuals like it.


  • Less intense per lab testing
  • Requires forthright prep work
  • It pulls fewer plant compounds, bringing about a less full-spectrum experience.


A conventional cannabis tincture called the Green Dragon includes consolidating cannabis blossoms and alcohol in a vessel and allowing them to sit and soak for a delayed timeframe, with no freezing required.

Enthusiasts of the conventional tincture incline toward this method since we accept that the more drawn out douse times assist with removing a full spectrum of plant compounds, bringing about a total full-extricate cannabis oil after the alcohol is dissipated. Many accept that an entire plant extrication that incorporates more plant intensities like chlorophyll and terpenes, produces a more therapeutic result.



  • More intense per lab testing
  • It pulls more plant compounds for an all the more full-spectrum experience
  • More qualified for making FECO


  • Requires significant delays
  • It produces a much more grounded cannabis taste than many individuals would rather avoid.
  • It has more petite, good, tasting edibles.

Do you figure the outcomes could be equivalent for tinctures produced using a THC-dominant strain?

Indeed, most certainly. The trichomes that contain cannabinoids ought not to act distinctively in testing in light of their makeup.


The most effective method to Make a Golden Dragon (or QWET – Quick Wash Extraction Technique) Cannabis Tincture

  • Make a point to decarb your cannabis.
  • Put your cannabis in a fixed bricklayer container and place it in the cooler for 24 hours afterward.
  • Put your Everclear in the cooler for 24 hours also.
  • When prepared, pour the chilly alcohol over the frozen cannabis. You need to cover the plant material.
  • Screw the cover back on the container and give it a delicate shake. Pop it back in the cooler for 5 minutes.
  • Remove the container from the more relaxed and give it a mild shake before putting it back in the cooler.
  • Rehash stage six once again.
  • Strain utilizing your favored stressing method.
  • You presently have a Golden Dragon cannabis tincture. Store in an impenetrable holder in an excellent, dull spot.

Step by step instructions to Make a Green Dragon Cannabis Tincture

  • Try to decarb your cannabis.
  • Add cannabis to a bricklayer container and pour barely sufficient alcohol to cover the plant material.
  • Screw on the top and give the container a delicate shake.
  • Put the container in an excellent, dull spot for 24 hours, shaking delicately every so often. You can go longer; however, you’ll take out more chlorophyll for slight expansion in strength. That is up to your inclination.
  • Strain utilizing your favored stressing method.
  • You currently have cannabis tincture or Green Dragon. Store in a water/airproof holder in an excellent, dim spot.

Which Alcohol Do You Use?

You’re searching for high-proof food-grade grain (ethyl) alcohol, for example, Everclear 190. Everclear isn’t the leading brand of 190+ proof alcohol. As low as 151 proof will work, yet it isn’t as strong as dissolvable, so your outcomes might differ. Many states don’t sell 190 warranties, which is appalling, yet you might have the option to think that it is on the web or in a close-by condition. Try not to utilize isopropyl or denatured alcohol for tincture. These are undependable for human consumption.

Straining Cannabis Tincture

Straining the plant material from your tincture makes a more refined, longer-enduring, better-tasting product. You’ll need to utilize something food-safe like unbleached espresso channels and a pipe, a fine-network sifter, cheesecloth, or my unanimous top choice: a 25-micron bubble sack. 

Bottom Line

You must now select which option is best for you with all of this information in this kratom strains guide. The Golden Dragon is undoubtedly superior as a sublingual or in edible form. It’s certainly a taste vs. potency situation here.


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