Skyrim marriage is a popular topic for many players. They want to know if they can remarry in Skyrim, or what the requirements are to get married again. So we will answer these questions and more in this blog post!

bride, groom, wedding @ Pixabay

First, you must have a house. You can buy one from the steward of your city or steal it! If you want to buy, head over to the Jarl’s house and talk to his wife. She’ll sell them for about 500 gold each, but they’re worth every penny because they come furnished with all sorts of neat stuff including chests full of goodies like clothes that are more expensive than what is sold in stores!

The second requirement is money. To get married again (or first time if this isn’t your Skyrim character) you’ll need 200 gold per person at least as well as an Amulet of Mara* which will be given by the priest/ess when he/she marries two people together during ceremony*.


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