Bitcoin bonuses are a new way for employers to incentivize their workers with Bitcoin. These bonuses offer an alternative to traditional retirement plans or a raise in pay. Unlike these other means of compensation, best bitcoin bonuses allow individuals and businesses to choose how they would like to be compensated while still enjoying the benefits of cryptocurrency. This creates more flexibility and choice in terms of compensation methods, which is not something most companies can provide currently.

This article will go over some ways that you can start receiving bitcoin bonuses from your employer today!

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One of the most common ways that employers offer their workers cryptocurrency is through airdrops. Airdrops are simply the act of giving bitcoins to new users. With this method, employers can reward their employees without having to support the currency since they will be doing so via an official website, such as Coinbase or CoinText. This gives the employees additional flexibility in regards to which wallet they want to use for receiving their payout and can be very beneficial in terms of security as well.

Another popular way that employers are paying out bitcoin bonuses is through a referral program. In this method, the company pays out a certain amount of BTC each time an employee refers someone new to the company. This incentivizes employees to spread the word about their company and create more interest in working there. This is a great choice for any company that wants to increase its brand awareness.

Some Bitcoin bonuses are given via mining pools as well.

The most common way this is done is through a partnership with a mining pool. In this type of compensation plan, the employer pays out all mining fees that are generated on any coins that are mined from a group of employees. This allows employers to collect fees from their workers without having to worry about the operations or complexity of running their own pool.

An interesting way to offer Bitcoin bonuses is through a game called Crypto-Kitties. This is a game that allows users to buy and sell digital kitties through their local currency. Employers can now offer employees who participate in this game a chance to earn Bitcoin by completing certain tasks. In order to win, users must breed kitties of the same breed in order to create new ones.

Another way is with crypto-tasks where companies ask employees to complete certain tasks that they need to be done with cryptocurrency as payment. The most common task given would always be making YouTube videos, as almost every professional content creator makes money off of YouTube ads. Making YouTube videos is a great way to introduce people other than those who work at the company to cryptocurrencies.

The final way that employers are paying out Bitcoin bonuses is through coin mixing services such as Tippr or Localbitcoins. If your employer happens to be in this category, you will most likely be paid in cash from the company to cover your expenses. This can also be good if you are a freelancer and need to pay yourself with minimum fees, like 10% of every sale.

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