Due to the pandemic, people are spending more time indoors. This means you have more trash on your hands. In these uncertain times, you never know when there will be another lockdown. The last thing you need is being stuck in a house full of junk. Are you considering getting rid of the junk yourself? It is an excellent idea. However, if you think that you can’t do it on your own, you can always hire a junk removal company like JiffyJunk.Com. They have professional staff that will take care of your junk. Moreover, you will learn how to handle junk yourself.

In this article, we will talk about a few junk removal expectations vs. realities. When you plan to remove the trash, you have some expectations in your mind. However, you find a different scenario while doing the job. Let’s talk about them in detail Call World of Dumpsters in Orlando to remove your junk in an environmentally friendly way..

Manpower Requirement


First of all, you need some hands to handle the junk. Probably, you already have plans to call a few friends or colleagues to help you with clearing out all the clutter. You may also want to involve your family members to speed up the process.

Now, you are planning to invite everyone on Sunday. And you expect them to show at the right time without any delay. Moreover, you might think that you will be able to finish the job together.


Compared to your expectation, everyone has a plan for the weekend. Many people won’t be able to help you. And even if they do, some may not be strong enough to handle junk.

Junk removal is a hectic task. You might think that you can finish it on the same day. However, you are ignoring the transportation, delivery at landfills, etc. Unless you are trained individuals, you’ll need more than a day.

Calculate everything before initiating the job. Otherwise, you may have a lot of junk sitting in walkways on Monday morning.  

Junk Collection


Junk management may sound like an easy thing but it is not. While planning on removing junk, you may expect that you can easily handle everything. You are probably planning to do all the heavy lifting yourself. You could have had a list of all the things you want to remove before starting the process. And you think that there won’t be any more stuff.

But, have you considered where to collect all the junk? Do you have enough space in the front yard? Do you think that junk removal is a boring activity?


When it comes to removing junk, people often underestimate the amount of trash. Usually, you only count the things right in front of you. However, you’ll later find a lot more useless things. And skipping them can disturb your entire plan.

Moreover, you will notice that you can’t lift a few things. Some bulky items need careful handling, or else you’d make yourself injured in the process. In such cases, you should get help from professional staff to remove them. 

On the positive side, you may enjoy removing junk. It will give you a sense of achievement. Moreover, you can turn on some music to entertain everyone. Once you finish the job, you can have a party in a clean home as well.

Junk Separation


Once you have collected all the junk in your front yard, you need to make four categories. People usually expect that they can simply deliver it to a landfill. However, landfills don’t accept everything. Moreover, if you put everything there, you will damage our planet. Then, how to do it? Let’s face the reality.


First of all, you need to separate everything that is still functional. This chunk will go to a donation center. Don’t worry; you don’t need to deliver it. Give them a call and they will pick it up.

Secondly, you have to remove recyclables. Separate them and make sure they are delivered to recycling centers. They may pay you some money as well. And more importantly, you are helping the planet.

Now, sort out the toxic materials. Hazardous waste requires professional care. Landfills don’t accept them. Call your local council and they will be able to guide you on how to dispose of them. Lastly, you need to deliver the remaining junk to a landfill.



Are you planning to transport everything in your vehicle? Have you calculated the cost of fuel to deliver the junk? Usually, people think that they can use their car to haul the junk themselves. Let’s see if it will work for you.


Using personal vehicles is a terrible idea to transport junk. You will be spending a lot of money on cleaning them later. Moreover, you may damage your vehicle as well.

Also, there will be some items that can’t fit in your vehicle, and you may need more than one trip. So you might still have to call a junk transportation service in the end. 

Junk Delivery


Do you think that you will visit a landfill and leave everything there? That delivering the junk seems as simple as calling an Uber? Most people think so. However, the reality is different.


If you have divided your junk into various categories, the delivery process should be simple. However, you may need more time than you expect. You have to hand over the junk to the right person to avoid any fine.

Some landfills don’t accept a few materials. In such an event, you will have to deliver to another landfill. It can disturb your schedule.


Junk removal is a healthy activity. With little add-ons, you can make the entire process a fun one. Turn on some music and invite kids as well. They are energetic and perfect partners for small tasks.

When you know what to expect from the junk removing process, it becomes far easier than you can imagine. However, if you don’t have time to manage your junk, calling a junk removal company is a great idea. They have professional workers who are trained in these tasks. They will not harm your precious items or property while removing the trash.


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