There are various investment opportunities, each spotting different risks, and benefits. To diversify your investment portfolio, you need to invest in opportunities that have negative or low correlations. This way, when one moves down, the others move up to flatten the curve. In brief, you need to spread your risk. Some of the most popular choices are index funds, mutual funds, bonds, and certificates of deposit. This article is centered on some of the best investment opportunities to choose from to diversify your investment portfolio.


These are natural resources or physical assets that can be traded on the market. Commodities vary from precious metals, grains, oil, grains, animal products to natural gas. Some of these items may be too expensive to invest in, especially when working on a limited budget. The best way to approach this is by buying shares or buying the commodities directly if your budget allows it. The price of commodities tends to have a negative correlation to other opportunities such as bonds and stocks. This means when the price of stocks goes down, the prices soar, giving you a unique opportunity to profit from their sale or earn dividends.

Before investing in commodities, it is advisable to research the market and have a clear overview of the industry. One of the most popular choices today is precious metals since their prices are immune to market inflation.


When it comes to collectibles, there is a multitude of options. Different people research, seek treasure, and horde almost anything that appeals to them. Collectibles are physical things in your possession that you enjoy having, but I hope their value appreciates over time. Collectibles vary from antiquities, decorative art, fine wine, numismatic coins, and stamps to vehicles. The value of these items is usually pegged on their age, scarcity, and, more importantly, the condition they are in. The only way to earn profit from these items is by finding a buyer who values the items at the same level as you do, which can be difficult, especially when you don’t understand the market innings.

Real Estate

Several opportunities come with investing in the real estate industry. You can choose to open up a realty firm or buy shares in a real estate firm and earn dividends. However, there is another investment opportunity you can use to diversify your portfolio, Delaware Statutory Trust. Also known as DST investment, an entity is used to hold titles to invest in the real estate industry. A property-structured DST can be used for a 1031 exchange. This investment opportunity gives you a chance to earn a profit from various properties. The real estate industry is constantly expanding; hence this is a good way to even your investment portfolio.

Private Equity

Private equity involves channeling funds into privately held companies or partnerships. This move is usually in the form of investing in its future success or reorganizing the company to resell it a profit. Investing in private equity can be difficult, especially when you don’t have a layover of the industry. It’s for this reason that you need to find a private equity firm. This investment opportunity works by investing in shares of a company at the initial stages of development or investing at a mature date when the company needs capital to expand or restructure. After investing, the equity firm works on restructuring or repackaging the company to grow it and recover its investment by reselling its shares or transforming it into a publicly-traded company.


Derivatives can be used for leverage, speculation, or risk management. These are contractors between two or more parties based on speculation about the changing value of an asset. This investment works by locking on a price and setting the participating parties on either side. In case your pricing wins, then you can make a profit. This is arguably the most uncertain form of investment that carries multiple risks. The price of commodities in this sector is largely speculative; this means you can see the prices of the commodities you are looking to sell can be inflated at the time of purchase and dive when looking to sell, causing you losses.


There are several investment opportunities. However, you need to choose carefully before investing. Spread your risk throughout multiple sectors and industries to avoid suffering the same fate if the market fluctuates.


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