Buying a new home is a great opportunity to create a unique interior. Limited space doesn’t always allow for the experiments you want, so it’s worth asking yourself how you can save space. Installing wood pocket doors would be common sense.

This solution has many advantages, but it is still worth looking at the detailed information on this matter. The builders who are engaged in the arrangement of your home will help you make the right decision. Pay attention to interesting things about pocket doors and make a decision to install this practical design.

Fact 1: saving space

A conventional door requires free space for its unhindered opening and closing. In addition, there is a possibility of injury when using this structure. You can forget about such concerns thanks to the installation of pocket systems.

The advantage is that there is no need to free up space to open them. The likelihood of injury is also minimized. To install pockets, you just need to have a free wall, and you can easily use the door you like.

Fact 2: long service life

Installation of door structures is done quite rarely, so you should make sure that the selected type can last you a certain period of time. For this purpose, you should prefer ball bearings. The high price should not scare future owners, because it will not be possible to get the same result in another way.

Fact 3: no squeaking

Many are afraid of the complexity of the repair, since the door is installed in a special pocket. You shouldn’t have these worries. Pocket designs don’t squeak after some time, and the intensity of their use does not affect their service life.

Correct installation, level runners and services of a qualified carpenter will help you achieve the desired result. Problems with noise or other annoying imperfections can be resolved before they occur. It is important to pay attention to key facts about pocket doors.

Fact 4: setting up structures in advance

For trouble-free use of your door, you will need to prepare a place for the pocket and sheathe it with plasterboard (tiles). Many builders leave this work for last and risk destroying a newly renovated home. The pocket option should be set up ahead of time, as you will need to have some extra time to find and fix imperfections.

Fact 5: false wall for installation

Pocket designs don’t need to be installed in a finished wall. There is an alternate way that is gradually becoming popular. To do this, you will need to install a false wall, which will play the role of a pocket in the future. Frame, sheathing and runner alignment are key issues to be addressed for it to work.

Fact 6: repurposing rooms

Using pocket doors allows you to change the purpose of your rooms at your discretion. Making a pocket is useful for:

  • increasing the size of your wardrobe;
  • dividing one room into several zones;
  • creating a private workplace environment.

At the same time, dismantling walls is not a prerequisite when you need to repurpose your free space.

Fact 7: choosing the right door

You will not find frames that come with a particular door on sale. This little flaw is actually the main advantage. You will not be limited in your choice, since any interior door is suitable for pocket designs. The only thing to consider is the dimensions of your selected model.

Fact 8: set-up improvement

The weight of the installed door presses on its bottom base. Long-term use can affect its simplicity and convenience. Choosing a metal rod allows you to strengthen its position, so there won’t be any squeaking in future. The standard equipment looks quite solid, but this opinion is deceiving. A pin or rod will extend the service life.

Fact 9: practicality of use

A home with small children is designed with this important point in mind. Opening (closing) a regular door can be difficult, which is not the case with a pocket design. In this case, you need to purchase special opening rings. Attachments will allow not only toddlers to cope with the door, but elderly guests of your home too.

Fact 10: electrical equipment

You shouldn’t perceive a pocket that will be installed in your wall as a solid structure. Drywall and other materials that are intended for exterior finishes should be used with some care. It is best to move sockets, shelves and cabinets to a safe distance.

Where to order modern pocket doors in the US?

You should entrust the production of quality doors to the professionals of United Porte. The use of Italian fittings, a responsible attitude to details and a variety of models allow you to get the most out of this cooperation. Making standard and original products will not be a problem. Order a wooden pocket door for your home and enjoy the convenience of a popular option from a reliable company.

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