na made it famous. Many tourists jumped at the chance to experience this rare freedom and still do today. 

Colorado indeed legalized marijuana. But it’s essential to take note that only adults 21 years old and older are allowed to buy and consume it. 

Therefore, the law does not restrict Colorado visitors from owning recreational marijuana. But, they have to be over 21 years old and cannot travel outside the border with it. 

Amount to Purchase

Colorado law determined how much weed a resident and a non-resident could buy in the past. However, times have changed. Today, anyone who has an ID proving they are over 21 years old can buy one ounce of flower marijuana. 

Also, the ID must be government-issued. So, you can’t show up with a student ID hoping to get marijuana during your travels. 

How to Buy It

Buying weed in Colorado is not complicated as long as you follow their strict guidelines. Therefore, you can buy marijuana just like alcohol. 

You can find marijuana at licensed dispensaries in Colorado. There are many companies that have dispensaries all over the state. For example, Veriheal makes it easy for you to get your MMJ card and find a dispensary in Colorado.  

Once you’re at the dispensary, you can use cash or debit cards to purchase marijuana. Remember, when purchasing cannabis, you’ll need your ID proving that you are 21 years old and older. 

Store Hours

Colorado has set some hours to buy marijuana from licensed pot shops. The law requires that no weed store be open before 8 am and stay open past midnight. If a pot shop doesn’t follow the rules, they risk getting shut down. 

For example, Denver does not allow weed selling past 10 pm. Therefore, don’t expect to get marijuana any day or night. First, you must determine the correct store hours before buying your weed. 

If you’re uncertain of dispensaries’ hours, check online or call to confirm their hours. 

Marijuana Transportation

While in Colorado, you’re allowed to transport the legally acquired marijuana. 

However, you can’t have your weed within reach. So if you feel you may be tempted to use it on a Colorado road trip, for example, you should put it in the trunk. 

Even if you’re not on a road trip, it’s still wise to stash it in the trunk. That way, should you get pulled over, you can prove to the police that you’re not consuming it. 

Even though marijuana consumption is legalized, you must never consume it when driving. Next, we discuss the ramifications of using marijuana while driving. 

Weed Smoking DUI

In Colorado, you should not drive while you’re high on weed. If you get caught, law enforcers can prosecute you for breaking the law. 

Colorado has a THC limit allowed in your blood. So, if you get pulled over, law enforcers can conduct a chemical test on your breath or blood. From there, they can determine whether you are under drugs’ influence or not.

If the officer realizes that you have over 5ng of THC metabolites, you are in big trouble. So, it’s best to put your weed in your trunk so that you never have to deal with a DUI

Federal Law Interferences

According to Federal Law, weed is still illegal. However, the government will not charge you if you possess or sell marijuana legally.

The laws only target illegal buyers and dealers. Colorado has regulated the laws to avoid federal interference.

Where to Smoke

Many Colorado non-residents have trouble knowing where to smoke weed. The reason why it’s challenging is that public consumption is illegal. The law does not restrict private consumption at home. However, if you’re visiting and staying in an Airbnb, for example, the property owner may not allow it. 

Before staying somewhere on your trip, check to see if you’re allowed to smoke weed. If you’re not, buying weed may not be in your best interest. You don’t want to get into trouble with the law! 

Other outdoor spaces like national parks, hotels, or amusement parks might prohibit weed smoking. So, do your homework and find out where you can smoke your weed before going to the trouble of buying it. 

Colorado Dispensaries

Any Colorado dispensary must have the medical patient and recreational users’ sections. 

If you’re a medical patient, you must present your photo ID and MMR card to buy marijuana. Recreational users only need an ID to prove that they’re 21 years old or older. 

Colorado has over 500 licensed dispensaries! The dispensaries sell cannabis products like teas, flowers, wax, and gummies. 

The dispensaries have employed budtenders who guide customers’ experiences and confirm their validity. So, you can feel confident that the product you buy is high-quality weed. 


Colorado’s marijuana laws are continuously changing. Therefore, you must stay apprised of changes before buying, possessing, and smoking weed. After all, you don’t want to get into trouble should the law change!

Like drinking alcohol, the government requires you to follow the rules to enjoy weed. So, by following the rules, you’ll help maintain successful legalization. And, you’ll get to continue to use weed as a resident or during a trip in Colorado! 

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