The energy requirement is the basic necessity of modern-day life. The demand for energy increases with the increase in population and urbanization. Urbanization will ultimately lead to the development of the commercial and industrial sectors. Therefore, the need for more energy keeps on increasing. However, the world is in the transition towards green energy. Renewable energy is the technical terminology for green energy.

Any source of energy that has no harmful impact on the environment is called green energy. With technological advancement, environmental degradation is also increasing significantly. Therefore, more countries now focus on shifting their energy sources from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. The UK government has started different initiatives to promote the production of green energy.

There have been multiple protests amid increasing global warming in the past few years. The pressure is on the UK government to regulate and produce more green energy and add up to environmental preservation. Therefore, the latest development concludes that by the end of 2030, more than 50% of UK energy will be from renewable energy sources.

Renewable energy is the form of energy in which natural sources are utilized. These natural sources are abundant, and therefore, they got the name renewable. The most common and vastly popular source of green energy is solar energy. Moreover, hydroelectric power is also a renewable energy source that utilizes water to move large turbines. The turbines, in turn, generate energy.

The windmill is another versatile form of renewable energy with minimum operational and maintenance costs. The wind runs the turbine, which then generates energy. There exist numerous reasons for the trend of renewable energy in the UK. Let us examine the key aspects behind the rapid shift towards green energy sources.

Tackling Environmental Preservation and Global Warming Issue

The UK is contributing a greater amount to global warming. Thus, environmental degradation is on the rise. Lately, the government of the UK has been under immense pressure owing to the nationwide protests of climate change organizations.

Preserving the environment is the top issue for the energy sector. Hence, the only viable option left is renewable energy sources to produce energy. These methods for energy production do not increase the emission of carbon. Resultantly, the environment and climate witness positive change.

The UK government is providing an excellent utility bidder tax exemption and various other facilities to promote renewable energy production. Therefore, more private utilities have gradually converted from non-renewable energy to renewable energy.

The use of green energy will significantly reduce the dreadful impacts of global warming. Hence, the decision of the UK government to convert energy into renewable energy by the end of 2030 has been welcomed by climate change and environmental organizations.

Depletion of Non-Renewable Energy Sources

Non-renewable energy comes from burning fossil fuels. This type of energy is hazardous for the environment, and it adds up to global warming. Moreover, the alarming point is that these fossil fuels are depleting with time. We may see the time come when there will be no fuel to produce energy in the future.

Therefore, renewable energy sources are the only way to tackle this problem. The whole wonder is pondering upon the alternate means to produce energy since they know that fossil fuels will deplete sooner or later.

That is the major reason the UK is transitioning towards renewable energy sources. The UK government plans to shift more than 50% of its energy requirements to green energy. For this purpose, the private utilities have been provided tax reduction and other amenities to promote renewable energy production.

With every passing year, fossil fuels are depleting in huge quantities. Hence, renewable energy is the need of the hour and the only way forward towards a prosperous future.

Low-Cost Energy

Energy production from non-renewable sources is costly due to the complex production methods. However, things are different for a renewable energy source. These natural sources require less cost to generate energy. Moreover, the maintenance cost is also less for these energy production methods.

Since the production cost of renewable energy is low, the utilities will charge the consumers at a lower rate. The low cost of renewable energy will prove beneficial in the long run. Consumers will get green energy at a lower rate than the energy produced from non-renewable sources.

To Meet the Target of Future Energy Requirements

Population density has increased tremendously during the last two decades. With the increase in population, the energy requirement has also gone sky high. Technological development also has a great share in surging energy requirements, not just the population.

The industrialization era requires energy to thrive. Therefore, the requirement is increasing day by day. Moreover, it will significantly reduce environmental degradation. Hence, the best way to meet future energy requirements is to shift towards renewable energy sources.

What Do We Have to Say?

Renewable energy is the latest trend in the UK, with countless benefits. One cannot deny the importance of green energy since it has a global impact. Therefore, like the UK, every country is trying its best to shift dependability from non-renewable energy to renewable energy.

Renewable energy is way cheaper and environmentally friendly. Moreover, it will cover the massive energy requirements in the coming years. On the other hand, non-renewable energy uses fossil fuels for energy production. However, fossil fuels are depleting with time. In addition, these methods of energy production increase global warming beyond alarming limits.

The bottom line is that renewable energy is gradually taking the reins of the energy sector. In the coming decades, the dependability of countries on non-renewable energy will become zero to a minimum. Therefore, the UK government has provided ample opportunities to the private utilities to develop green energy.

Environmental protection organizations have supported the cause of green energy for decades. Therefore, owing to these reasons, renewable energy is the latest trend in the UK, and in coming years, it will be the epicenter of the energy sector. If we wish to turn this world into a safe and healthy place to live, we ultimately have to rely entirely on renewable energy.  

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