A brooch is a timeless adornment and an elegant choice while pinning an outfit in place or simply by itself. This ornamental decorative pin can instantly elevate whatever you choose to wear. Dainty or weighty, pin a brooch on the topmost layer of your garment to make a unique style statement.

Generally, brooches for women feature precious and semi-precious gemstones like zircon, sapphires, emeralds, pearls, opal, coral, amethyst, etc. For a more vintage or antique look, elaborate designs and vibrant colourful motifs – flowers, butterflies, dragonflies – are created out of materials like metal and enamel.

Similarly, contemporary jewellery handcuffs can also be the perfect adornment, acting as the focal point of your entire ensemble. Broad and chunky cuff bracelets are now all in rage among millennial fashionistas. This piece of accessory comes in a range of shapes, sizes and designs, to go with every mood and outfit.

Here are a few tips for women to style versatile ornaments like jewellery handcuffs and brooches and stay ahead of the game with their distinct fashion sensibilities:

Get Creative with Brooches

  • Glam up a sweater: Elevate a mundane or block-coloured sweater by adding a touch of glimmer to it with a brooch. The ornament on your chest beneath your collarbone will seamlessly blend with your entire look. Just avoid gathering too much fabric to avoid the knitted material getting bunched up and the pin coming loose.
  • Accessorize a dress: It’s super easy to embellish any simple dress by adding a decorative brooch, generally to the upper left side of the garment. Brooches for women work best on a solid-coloured dress as too many patterns or prints can hide the brooch and its effect.
  • Secure a scarf: This is quite a different and classy way to highlight your brooch. Wrap a scarf matching your outfit around your neck, and use a brooch like a button to hold the scarf in place. Pin the brooch on either front and centre or a side and create a striking signature look.

Ways to Wear Jewellery Handcuffs 

  • Pay attention to sleeve length: The sleeve length of your garment is the first and foremost thing to affect your choice of bracelets or handcuffs. Wearing a chunky handcuff over a long sleeve can work but is still tricky. It is thus best to stick to the sleeve length ending above your bracelet. 
  • Don’t overdo it: When it comes to handcuffs, less is more! Stacking a few bracelets or one sleek handcuff on each wrist is fine, but a whole arm full of jangly bracelets or heavy jewellery handcuffs on both hands are usually fashion faux pas.
  • Don’t sacrifice fit for trend: You don’t have to be a trend slave to don the latest style. Too big of a handcuff can distract you all the time by sliding around and off, while a too tight one can hurt you by pinching the wrist. Only pick the style best suited and fitted to your wrist. 

Designer Jewellery

You can find charming brooches and handcuff bracelets at Tata CliQ Luxury, Ajio Luxe, Myntra Luxe, Ogaan and Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop. These platforms feature a range of designer labels including Zariin, Raabta, Outhouse, Zohra and more.


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