A day at the races is filled with elegance, style and grace from the horses and the spectators alike. Planning the perfect outfit for race day is all part of the fun as women enter the wide world of hats and fascinators and men don their finest suits and ties.

Race day fashion is an ever-changing world where the styles are dictated by designers coming out of Paris and Milan and New York, hitting the tracks at full force, creating some of the fiercest competition around. Race days are all about showcasing your unique sense of style and there is no better way to make that statement than bypassing the regular designers and opting for a completely individual outfit.  

Vintage inspirations

There is no doubt about it, vintage is back and in a big way too. If you are truly committing to your race day outfit, then scouring vintage stores for weeks on end to find the perfect dress or the most unique hats might just be the ideal way for you to put together an outfit that makes a real statement on race day. Whether you are going for a look from the 60s, 70s or 80s – or even the 40s, there is a wide selection of generational outfits to choose from in most vintage stores you will find. The vintage look in a modern-day setting can be both striking and elegant, especially if you are choosing a dress that is bold in either its color or style.

Even if you have chosen a new designer dress for the day, vintage adornments such as hats, jewelry, hair combs and fascinators can serve as the perfect accessories to make an outfit truly complete. All racegoers hope that lady luck might be on their side on race day, no matter how many horse racing tips a person might get. For those who feel that they could benefit from a little more luck than usual, maybe a family heirloom or lucky charm can become a part of your vintage look that keeps you both on trend and in the winning circle the whole day through.

Create your own look for the ultimate race day style

For those who are a touch more on the creative side, maybe a dress off the rack is simply not good enough. The races are all about expressing one’s style and what better way to do that than with a dress made entirely by your own hand. Although not everyone can be a seamstress, many look to the professionals to create a unique style for race day that will be unlike any other fashions on the field. The grace and glamour of the races themselves are only ever matched by the sensational outfits that they draw and you can become a part of that with your distinctive race day style.

For those who are looking to accessorize with a more personal touch, the option of creating your own fascinator design allows the creative soul to shine with an array of feathers and features on display. From simple headbands to elaborate headpiece designs, accessorizing is a part of race day tradition which cannot be ignored. Create the most stylish outfit for your next race day attendance and be sure to dress to impress with a large hat or an impressive fascinator to complete your look.

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