The bottle has different detachable compartments. Produce e.g. fruit and vegetables are placed in the bottom jar compartment. When the smaller juicer is screwed on, it compresses the fruit, extracts the juices and acts as a filter to prevent fruit from floating to the top if you don't like bits in your drink. You can also use the second larger juicer to juice your fruits, which squeezes the flavours out to provide INSTANT flavour. Produce can also be placed in the top compartment for extra flavour.

Aquatiser has a capacity of 500ml (almost 1 pint), however this depends on how much produce is inside the bottle.

The idea of the bottle is to encourage eating the fruit / vegetables after it has been infused with the water. If you don't like eating the fruit that has been compressed in the bottom compartment you could always try making a smoothie or a fruit ice lolly with the produce. You could also try adding the vegetables to a soup or stew.

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