Trans Canada Movers Inc. is a long-range moving company, contingent in Vancouver British Columbia pursuing residential and financial moving through the Canadian and U.S. border, same as interprofessional. We manage our own formation of pick-ups and huge fixtures so that we may offer the correct vehicle for your move to North America.

  • We are house retained and generated and feel proud of ourselves in giving high rate consumer jobs.
  •  We are completely united, authorized, and safeguarded.
  •  We have an A+ rating with the BBB and with the associates of the foreign Federation of Movers.
  •  We provide high-profiled packaged and unpackaged services.


Trans Canada Movers are business directors in displacing homes and companies within the North U.S. We always feel and understand all the complexity, intricate and often block out provisions and rules that transpire during entry or exit from Canada or America.


Trans Canada Movers are the associates of the reputable foreign association of Movers, which displays almost 2000 companies in over 150 countries, and they have an A+ rating and customer review with the great company Bureau, and we are noble associates of the Surrey Delta Chamber of Commerce.


Our teams are expert specialist movers, they like whatever they do and they are perfect at this. We feel proud in providing the greatest furnishing, private jobs, and services for your long-range moving requirements both residential and financial.

If you are leaving the North U.S. or coming from international countries, we have an amazing partner networking system through our fellowship in the foreign union, which permits us to provide jobs and cooperation in over 150 countries around the world.

Why should Trans Canada Movers Inc be used?

  •  We obey and are bound by the terms of the Best Practice Directions for Canadian Movers. Trans Canada Movers will delightfully offer you details that demarcate employee and mover privileges and liabilities, same as expressive details observant mover duty for any deficit or harm, restrictions on, drawback and extra price affiliated with per layer of responsibility.
  •  We manage our material and execute the motion ourselves. In some situations where we may not offer a rivalrous performance and jobs. We can advocate other companies to you, but in case we make a commitment, it is our pick-ups and our team members, who are moving specifically.
  • We have our reserved systems to secure and protect your stored proprietaries whether this type of service is mandatory. You are most welcome to see, stay, and examine the business’s offices, storehouse, accommodations, and influx before you move anywhere.
  •  We are a completely certified, united, and authorized mover with big tracking evidence of liberating on-time, on estimation, trouble-free movements and have the consumer endorsements and specialist competencies to justify it.
  •  All our team members are employees and are shaded by the Employee’s Reimbursement Board. Be careful of businesses who utilize their organization as you can finish up depositing for any agent damages throughout the move.
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