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7 Things About curated thrift Your Boss Wants to Know

You know when you come across a piece of clothing you find at a thrift store or second-hand store and you want to buy it but you don’t know where to begin? Why not start there? You are guaranteed to find some things that you might not otherwise see.

The most obvious ones would be clothes that you can’t wear because they’re so worn out they’re out of style, and clothes that are so overpriced they’re a waste of money. If you’ve ever worn a dress or jeans that don’t fit, you’re probably familiar with how the price tag is something that pops in your mind and tells you to look elsewhere.

I got a lot of used fashion and clothing items that are no longer fashionable, in fact some of my favorite items from the past few years are from second-hand stores. If I happen to find a thing that was popular and new-fangled but still works today, I usually try to return it. Sometimes I just don’t know where to begin. Or if it is something that is so overpriced that I don’t think it would be hard to find another way to get it.

Another reason to keep your thrift-y purchases in mind is because you might find that some of your favorite things were at one time new, but are now over-priced. For example, a favorite shirt that was $20 a shirt is now $40. You might consider donating it to a thrift store or going online to see if they have any where to trade it for something else.

The big lesson here is that thrift stores are not just for old clothes. I like to think of them as warehouses. You can find treasures of pretty much anything you need or want if you just know where to look.

Of course you can. You can still find things of value even if they’re no longer new. However, the best way to get your hands on value is to shop the thrift stores in your area because they’re the best sources of value.

You can shop the thrift stores in your area because theyre the best sources of value. That’s the beauty of the internet. If you know where to look you can find thrift stores that are filled with stuff you didn’t know you could find. It’s like what you’d see in real life if you spent two hours at the thrift store in your neighborhood. You’d be amazed at the bargains you won’t find at your local big box store.

If you are in the thrift store and see something you like, you cant not buy it. If you see something you want, you can buy it because it’s on sale. Now many people think its just that you feel good because you are out of the store, but thats not it. There are a lot of people who will walk in, buy something for half the cost, and leave without ever finding their next fix.

Its like the difference between a car dealership and an auto shop. A lot of people in the thrift store are the same people who go in and buy a car. They feel good because the salesperson took the time to show them the vehicle they want, but they are still buying a car. If a car dealership takes the time to show you the car you want, you are still buying a car.

To buy a car, people go to the car dealership. To find a car, people go to the auto-shop. If they are in a thrift store, they are the same people.


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