SOPHIT Body Blitz Training Guide

The SOPHIT Body Blitz training guide is here to give you the greatest results possible through training over a short structured period of time. The plan is created and developed by a qualified personal trainer and nutrional advisor to present you the tools required to begin your 8 week transformation.

This plan allows you to engage in 8-12 weeks of simplistic training specifically targeting blitzing body fat. All exercises are explained with comprehensive photographic guides in order to support through out your training period. All exercises can be performed at home or at the gym dependant on your specific requirements.

The plan itself can be used by all types of fitness enthuasiasts from beginners to training to sporting professionals, all exercises can be tailored to a specific skill level in order to increase or decrease training difficulty.

This programme offers variation to sustain motivation and maximise physique modification, utilising 3 types of training methods

- Circuits
- LISS - Low intensity steady state
- HIIT - High intensity interval training

 In addition, this plan provides you with you with 10 TOP nutritional tips to assist you with your goals\

Once you purchase this training guide, you will receive a link immediately with your online PDF file. A backup file will also be sent to your email (please check your junk folder if you are unable to find the email). 

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