Feel 100% Recipe and Workout Book

This book is brought to you by Charlotte (the founder of @Aquatiser) and Sophie (personal trainer @Sophituk). We have combined our expertise and experience to create 100 different fruit infused water recipes and 50 different exercises to make you feel fabulous and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


The recipe section features 100 different fruit infused water recipes for your Aquatiser so you will never run out of ideas! These recipes have amazing health benefits too. Categories include: Refresh, Skin, Hangover Cure, Seasonal, Medicinal & Herbal, Digestion, Detox, Weight Loss, Hot Drinks and Smoothies. 

The book also features 50 different whole body exercises to help you achieve your fitness goals. It is a great mini guide to take to the gym or use at home. The categories for this section include: Upper Body, Lower Body, Core Blast, Butt Buster, HIIT Cardio and additional Whole Body Circuits. 

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