When it comes to fishing, there are plenty of fish in the sea. But if you want a challenge, then Oondasta is your man! This giant catfish has been outwitting fishermen for centuries. And now he’s coming after you and your boat with his new friends – The Corrupted Koi!

Only one fisherman has managed to beat this game: YOU! With just a few tips from me, you’ll be able to take down the unstopable Oondasta and save all the fisherman before him. – Use the fishing rod with a jellyfish lure to catch Oondasta. – When he’s close enough, use your harpoon to reel him in and smash his face! – Now that you’ve defeated the unstopable catfish, fight off The Corrupted Koi using any of your weapons! And now it’s time for our favorite part: TIME TO CATCH YOUR PREY!! Remember: You can only use one weapon at once – so choose wisely! And remember – never give up hope!” How do I beat oondastas? “Oondasta is an enormous sea creature that spends most of its time swimming around seas all over the world. He has been outsmarting fishermen since


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