Corrupted dinos are a nuisance to all survivors. In this blog post, we’ll cover how you can tame these corrupted creatures and turn them into pets, as well as some of the other benefits that come with taming your first one. ** This is what you can do with a corrupted dino:

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-turn them into a pet that follows the player around, like other domesticated animals. They will heal over time and be available to harvest resources by attacking trees or rocks. This can also make it easier for survivors to level up their crafting skills as they don’t need to leave home in order to gather materials; -use them as mounts – all players get one mount slot free but they can buy more from the store using coins (the game’s currency). Mounts speed up movement and help survivors explore new areas faster without having to search every single building looking for loot; -combine two tamed creatures of the same type and


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