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How often do you find yourself on a website, wanting to switch to another page but not know how? If this is something that has happened to you, or if you have ever wanted navigation for a website other than the typical “back” and “forward,” then I would like to share with you an amazing plugin called Jetpack. It allows users of sites (which includes all websites hosted by Automattic) to access instant site-wide custom menus in their browser’s top toolbar.

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It doesn’t matter what type of content your website features – be it videos, images, text-based posts or anything else – because Jetpack will provide visitors with quick links to any part of your site they want without having to rely on the navigation bar. It’s an awesome plugin and is sure to give your website a more modern look, which will help you improve user experience and get people navigating through content faster. I highly recommend it for any WordPress site! -Tori Smith *Take Me To: __Home Page__ __Post Navigation__ __Contact Us__ __About Us__ *


Well, since we already know each other I think it would be great to get acquainted with you!

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