Many people have a love-hate relationship with mess. On one hand, it is unsettling and can be hard to relax in chaos. On the other hand, there is something about wiping away all of that dirt and dust that can make us feel refreshed and ready for anything! If you are someone who likes to keep their home in order, the following tips will help.

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* Figure out what is important to you about keeping things neat and tidy so that it’s easier for you to focus your efforts on those areas. It can be a certain thing such as papers or something more general like all of the clutter on surfaces around the house.

Just choose one area at first and see how much progress you make before moving onto another area if necessary. * Gather everything together into a pile that needs attention from one corner of your space. This may mean piling dirty clothes up next to where they need washing, collecting newspapers near an overflowing trashcan, or putting any items needing dusting close enough so that when finished


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