Anyone who has had a cold knows that it is difficult to function at your best. You might be congested, have a sore throat, and feel overall lousy. It can seem like there isn’t anything you can do besides take medicine and hope for the best- but we’re here to tell you otherwise!

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The following list of remedies will help relieve some of your symptoms: Benadryl: This antihistamine helps dry up nasal congestion; Ibuprofen: This pain reliever reduces fever and headache pain; Cough Drops: These ease coughs and soothe sore throats; Nasal Spray or Saline Nasal Rinse: These reduce stuffiness from allergies or viruses. Any of these remedies can help you feel a little bit better.

We hope that this helps! If you have any questions or think we may be able to assist, please don’t hesitate to ask below in the comments section.

How does your cold sound? Have you been feeling congested lately?

We’ve got some really helpful tips for making your day (or night) just a tiny bit more bearable- read on and see what we recommend! Read More ยป Does it seem like there’s nothing left but painkillers and waiting around until your cold goes away? Well, as with all things tough, not so fast- there are plenty of remedies out there that will make life easier while you’re sick: Ben


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