This post is all about the rules and regulations that pertain to taking a bouquet of flowers on an airplane. This includes whether or not you need to make special arrangements in order to bring flowers on board, if they can be carried through security, and how much luggage space they take up.

It’s a common misconception that flowers cannot be taken on an airplane. This is not the case, but there are things you need to know before boarding your flight with them in tow. First and foremost, make sure they’re properly stored! Passengers have been turned away for bringing flower bouquets onto flights because their flowers weren’t wrapped up nicely or were too big of a size (they took up more than one seat).

In order to take flowers on board, it will depend on what type of ticket you purchase: – If you plan ahead by purchasing either coach class tickets or economy plus seats, then yes; passengers may bring theirs aboard as long as these conditions are met. But if you’ve purchased first-class


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