It is common to have questions about how medicines interact with each other. So, when you ask if it is safe to take Dayquil® (acetaminophen and dextromethorphan) with Advil®, we want to help answer that question for you.

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The combination of these two drugs may cause an increased risk of serious side effects or death because there are different ways in which they can interact with one another.-This is not an okay combination of medicines to take.

-For example, this combo may cause breathing problems and irregular heartbeat. And if you happen to have multiple health conditions, it could worsen them or even be deadly for you.

So please talk with your physician about the risks before taking these two medications together. They are safe as prescribed by a doctor but should never be mixed on your own outside of medical supervision because they can make one another more dangerous when taken in high doses at once (which is pretty easy to do). The best plan is always to follow what’s advised by your healthcare provider! –Is It Safe To Take Dayquil With Advil?


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