Lake Arrowhead is a beautiful place to visit during the summer. There are many activities that you can participate in, but swimming is one of the best. The lake has been used for recreational purposes for decades and because of this there are public beaches available all around it.

swim, swimmer, lake @ Pixabay

If you have never swam in Lake Arrowhead before then you should definitely consider it! 1) Keep your eyes on the shoreline if you swim at night so that you don’t get lost or hurt. It’s easy to get disoriented since water reflects light differently than air does, which makes seeing landmarks difficult at night time. 2) Be aware of what type of algae grows in Lake Arrowhead and how much toxins each type produces. The algae that grows in the lake is either brown, green, or blue-green. The amount of toxins present varies depending on which type you come into contact with and can range from mildly irritating to highly toxic.

Lake Arrowhead has many public beaches available for use all around it including: * Lake Gregory State Park Beach * Twin Peaks Beach (on Highway 173) * Big Bear City Municipal Beach at San Bernardino County Park * Tahquitz Creek Redwoods State Park (near Idyllwild) – this one is only open during certain seasons but worth checking out! Two other great options are hiking up to a waterfall at Blue Jay Campground or just driving along scenic highway 38 towards Big Bear Lake.


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