I remember the first time I heard this song. It was one of those songs that you didn’t know but you knew. It was playing in the background and it just seemed to be everywhere, like a common friend who couldn’t help but stop by and say hi every now again.

One day, I found myself humming it under my breath without even realizing what I was doing or why for that matter.

The more time passed, the more consumed I became with this song – listening to it over and over again until eventually memorizing all of its lyrics. And then suddenly – everything changed!

One day the music stopped and reality came crashing in. It was like that short burst of happiness had led me to forget about all my pain – neglecting it, for a little while at least. But now I’m back to where I started from and this song is no longer here anymore.. yet it’s still on repeat in my head.

girl, umbrella, rain @ Pixabay

Can you stand the rain?

If your world’s collapsing will you rebuild or just give up building plans?

Stand tall through storm clouds, never afraid of thunder because we’re gonna make it out alive!

Can You Stand The Rain by Bridgit Mendler 

“I think what she meant,” he says softly so only I can hear him but loud enough for her ears as well.


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