Particleboard is a great material for furniture, but it is not the most attractive. Many people are hesitant to stain particle boards because they are scared of ruining their project and don’t know how to do it properly.

This blog post will teach you everything you need to know about staining particle boards so that your next project looks fantastic!

Materials needed for staining particleboard:

The stain of your choice (we recommend a water-based stain as they are less toxic and more environmentally friendly). A roller or brush with stiff bristles that you can use to apply the stain evenly over the surface.

You may also want to get some disposable paper towels so don’t have any spills or drips on your project. A paint tray is also handy if you’re applying the stain in large quantities. Make sure it’s big enough!

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-Time – this process will take at least two hours, but most likely closer to four depending on how much product you put on each area and how thickly applied it is.


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