So you want to know how to clean your fuel injectors? We’ll help you with that. You can do it by soaking them in a solution of water, baking soda and vinegar for about an hour or two. After they soak, use compressed air (either from the outside or from a vacuum) to blow out any debris left inside the injector.

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If that doesn’t work, try using a brush on each individual hole of the fuel injector while spraying cleaning fluid through it; this will get into every nook and cranny. This post goes over 10 steps you should take before attempting to clean your fuel injectors.

Step One: Clean the Fuel Injectors to Be Cleaned of Debris Clean the fuel injector’s inlet and discharge valves, as well as any other external components. Unscrew both inlets while turning them counterclockwise; then unscrew all four bolts that attach the head to the cylinder body (if your vehicle has a single-muffler design).

Pour out old gas from tank through valve on top of engine and pour clean gasoline into it until full. Disengage air cleaner assembly by removing screws attaching solenoid clips onto throttle plate housing at bottom edge with Phillips screwdriver or wrench. Rotate entire air cleaner assembly up off intake manifold so you can remove spark plugs for access to fuel inject.


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