Can you snort tramadol?

Yes, and it will give you a very intense high. Tramadol is an opioid painkiller that is prescribed to people who suffer chronic pain, such as those who have terminal illnesses like cancer. But what about those of us without chronic pain or a terminal illness? Is it okay to take tramadol in other ways like snorting the powder form of the medication up your nose?

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And if you do, how long does the high last?

As with any drug or medication, prescription or otherwise, you should not take tramadol in any way other than prescribed. It is highly dangerous and can be life-threatening to snort a prescription opioid like tramadol. Snorting this medication will cause your body to release an excess of dopamine that can sedate you and make it difficult for you to tell when your breathing has slowed down too much (which causes fatal respiratory depression). So no matter what form of pain relief you need, tramadol or some other type of painkiller, it’s important that only those who are authorized by their medical professional give them to themselves. 


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