It is difficult to find a topic that people talk about more than sleep. From how long we should be getting to the best ways to fall asleep, it is an important and popular discussion. Recently, there has been a new trend in sleeping:

woman, asleep, girl @ Pixabay

using gauze as mouth coverings while you sleep. The pros of this are that you will not wake up with dry or chapped lips, but the cons are much greater! This blog post discusses both sides of the argument so that readers can make their own decision on whether they want to follow suit on this new fad. The Pros of Sleeping with Gauze: It will not only keep your lips moisturized, but it also has a much more significant effect on the quality and duration of sleep. When you go to bed at night, if you have had anything to eat before going to bed or drink any fluids that contain caffeine (like coffee, tea), these liquids sit in the mouth until they are fully absorbed by our body. This can make for some very restless nights as we toss and turn trying to find a comfortable position. The gauze acts like a barrier between food particles and other things that come into contact with your teeth while sleeping so bacteria cannot get near them! The Cons of Sleeping with Gauze: If you wear an upper denture


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