Can you sell items in Dark Souls? Every gamer knows the feeling of grinding for hours to create a powerful character, only to die and lose all their progress. It’s frustrating. Fortunately, there are ways around this! You can either avoid dying by using a New Game Plus mode or use one of these tips: – Use the Estus flask as your last resort before death – Rest at bonfires – Sell unwanted items to the merchant – Use consumables to restore health, such as Humanity and healing items. – If you are near a bonfire: Rest for one minute at the nearest fire to regain lost hit points or Estus flask charges – Sell unwanted items to the Merchant who can be found in most areas of Lordran (except Blighttown) – Consumable Items include humanity which is used primarily in boss battles and other NPCs that require it. It also restores your character’s sanity so they don’t go crazy due to being hollowed out.” They will not die if their HP reaches zero but instead become Hollow when this happens. Other consumables include Green Blossom Pills, Blue Eye Orb Fragments,


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