With Forza Horizon 4 finally out, many players are wondering how to sell cars. This article will tell you all about it! Step 1: Press down the right bumper and go into your inventory menu. Step 2: Select “sell vehicle.” Give yourself a few moments to think about which car you want to sell; there’s no going back once you select one! You can also only sell vehicles at certain dealerships if the game doesn’t let you choose where to do it. Step 3: Get in the car that is listed as being for sale on the lot and drive over to the designated area of that dealership. Drive up next to a salesman who will then take control of your character and walk over to the car.

Steps for selling a car in Forza Horizon: Complete these steps and you’re all set! How to Sell Cars in Forza Horizon – With this article, I want to show players how easy it is to sell cars from their inventory. Step one, press down on your right bumper button and go into your inventory menu. Next up select “sell vehicle.” Make sure that there are no vehicles marked as favorites because if so you will have to delete them beforehand; only then can they be sold at certain dealerships (more details further below). After selecting a vehicle from your list of trucks or whatever else may be selected by default, make sure that it’s not a favorite otherwise deleting those items


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