As of this writing, I have not yet ridden a giraffe. However, the internet has given me some insight on how to do so. For those who may be curious about riding a giraffe or other large animals, here are some tips that you can use:

giraffe, sunset, yellow @ Pixabay

– Always ask before mounting an unfamiliar animal. – Be careful not to step on their tail or kick them in the stomach with your feet when they are lying down. This can cause injury and should be avoided at all costs. – When a giraffe is ready to move, it will usually raise its head up high and start slapping the ground with both of its front legs. If you want to help guide this large creature, make sure that you get into position below it first so you don’t surprise it by being directly behind it–this could also result in stepping on their back leg(s) while trying for footing as well as kicking them in the belly. Conclusion: Riding a giraffe may seem like


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