As a new expansion looms, it’s time to start thinking about potential raids and dungeons. There are many different zones on Azeroth that have their own unique traits and enemies—but which ones have the best chances of dropping rare loot? We’ve compiled this list of 12 resets with the highest chance of troves!

This could be a blog post about how to prepare for raids and

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in the next expansion. You can write this as an actual article, or break it up into short paragraphs with bullet points for each point. -List 12 resets that have the best chance of dropping rare loot (our list is below) -Write about different zones on Azeroth and their unique traits/enemies -Explain what types of items you might find at these locations, like weapons, armor, trinkets etc. -Hints on which bosses are considered “hard” mode? Which ones drop rares? When should I feel comfortable trying them out solo vs grouped? What level do they start appearing in game?


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