This blog post is about how to increase your conversion rates by 11x. What are you doing to promote your blog posts? You should be promoting them on all of the social media channels. It’s not about how many followers or friends you have, it’s about getting more exposure for each post and increasing that conversion rate by 11x! The first thing we need to do is start posting at least one time a day. This ensures that people get used to checking back every day for fresh content from us.

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Once they’re in the habit of coming back every day, we will increase the frequency of our postings up until we’re publishing new content multiple times per day (and then once again bumping it up even higher when possible). We want our audience to come back often so they can stay engaged with what we’re publishing. The next step is to post the same content on as many platforms as possible so you can reach a wider audience who may not be following you on every social media network. This will help ensure that your posts get seen by more people and also increase the chances of getting featured or shared, which brings me to my last point: make sure that each post has something interesting in it! People want their followers (and friends) to see things they find worth noting, so use this knowledge when deciding what types of information and topics to cover in your blog posts. In other words..make them good! Doing these three simple steps – posting daily with new content, cross-posting on multiple networks, and giving


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