As you adventure through the world of Zelda BotW, your weapons are bound to take some damage. This is a guide on how to repair them! The first step is to get some materials. To repair a weapon, you will need five pieces of raw ore or three chunks of coal and one piece of leather or two strings.

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The type of items needed for the repair depend on the type of weapons being repaired: swords use metal ores and bows use animal hide. You can find these items in chests throughout Hyrule depending on your level! Now that you have all the material needed, it’s time to head back to any blacksmith shop in Hyrule such as Rito Village’s Blacksmith Shop (which also has an armorer) or Hateno Village’s Smithy .

There are many other places where you may find them but this guide just covers those two. The blacksmith will ask you to choose one of three options: Repair, Refurbish or Reinforce. The first option is the weakest and last option is the strongest. Select your choice then input information about the item being repaired such as its name and if it’s a sword, bow or other weapon type.

You’ll also need to select whether you want an unenchanted (normal) version of this item or an enchanted (magical) version! After providing all that info, the smith will fix up your items for a price before giving them back to you in return! -You may be able to find raw ores on some animals while they are alive but most often can only mine coal from rocks with


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